Civilex has changed its name to Symal.

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Our Culture

We don’t just complete projects – we deliver outcomes. Our construction group has committed its entire journey to providing outstanding construction service. We have demonstrated broad expertise and targeted results in the civil, engineering, structures construction sectors.

There are a few reasons our partners choose us again – and again.

We do great work

Our commitment to safety, innovative thinking and construction quality underpin every step of every job, but that commitment extends beyond the project. Our group actively engages with a variety of charitable and community organisations to help make a difference in the world.

We’re great to work with.

Our approach to construction is simple.

We listen.
We adapt.
We deliver.

Each project is unique with different needs and our group’s collaborative, innovative and adaptable approach gets the job done.

We have great people.

It’s not just our projects that we’re known for – it’s also our people. Our highly-skilled, dedicated and friendly teams have cemented our group’s reputation as a contractor of choice within the construction industry.

Our Values

As a business that originated from humble beginnings, our continued growth and success is testament to having a clear vision, supported by our core values that will continue to shape and drive our culture into the future. Our culture is developed through our values and our values are driven by our greatest asset – our people.


  • We praise rather than criticise, offering feedback to grow and develop.
  • We support everyone’s worth and dignity, regardless of gender, race, age, ability and social position.
  • We listen to our colleagues and encourage them to contribute their ideas and express their opinions.
  • We treat each other like we would treat our family and friends.
  • We have difficult discussions in a respectful way.
  • We show respect with verbal and non-verbal communication.


  • We are one team and include everyone as if they were family.
  • We uphold a strong sense of community spirit and belonging.
  • We value getting to know each other, having fun and celebrating milestones together.
  • We recognise achievements – sharing ideas, taking smart risks, and questioning actions inconsistent with our values and reward positive outcomes.


  • We value the health of our employees and their families.
  • We establish the balance between our work and personal lives
  • We demonstrate a genuine care for our employees individual circumstances, engaging in open conversations around how we can best offer our support.
  • We promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle.


  • We value everyone we engage and interact with, both professionally and personally.
  • We make promises to keep and uphold honesty in all communications and interactions.
  • We foster authentic partnerships regardless of stature and hierarchy


  • We are agile by adopting new technology and adapting our perspective/thinking.
  • We rise up to challenges and opportunities, meeting them with an open mind and a positive attitude.
  • We disrupt the status quo, challenging our own thinking and stimulating productivity.
  • We think big, embracing change to benefit our own and the company’s development.


  • We continuously develop informed and empowered team-members to undertake activities safely.
  • We communicate openly and transparently about safety and willingly intervene.
  • We are industry leaders and constantly challenge ourselves to look for ways to enhance safe-work practices.
  • We view safety holistically by controlling physical and psychological hazards/risks in the workplace.

Our Student Programs

The Civilex Group is known for its professional, family-oriented, high-performance construction culture. As a company that values diversity and invests heavily in the training and development of its workforce, the next generation is at the heart of developing our future leaders and realising our legacy.

We look to engage and collaborate with the next generation of construction professionals and workers to lead a cultural shift in terms of grass roots innovation and teamwork from within to positively impact the broader reaches of the construction industry.

Our programs – Spark, Charge and Ignite – are each tailored to specific needs and requirements of students. They each provide students, undergraduates and graduates with practical experience and essential knowledge that will develop their skills and careers in construction.

Spark Workplace Experience ProgramCharge Undergraduate ProgramIgnite Graduate Program

We aim to inspire and inform young people through our three specialist construction programs – the Spark Workplace Experience Program, Charge Undergraduate Program and Ignite Graduate Program.

Starting with sparking a high school student’s construction curiosity, charging their undergraduate experience and exposure in the construction industry, and igniting their careers in construction following graduation. At each level of the journey, we have a program that will provide them the knowledge, skills and expertise to fulfil their dreams.

The next generation of construction leaders are at the heart of our dedicated programs – engaging and developing young minds to deliver the very best outcomes. We are proud to develop our industry leaders of tomorrow, today.

If you are interested in knowing more about our tailored Spark and Charge student programs, please go to our careers page and click on the Expression of Interest for either Spark or Charge programs.

You can also find out about our past students’ experiences in Spark and Charge in our student program news section.

Discussing projects with Operations Manager Matt Gurney.

Social Responsibility

Our group participates in a variety of charitable causes. We’re proud to have implemented an engaging Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program to assist communities that are grappling with a raft of social issues such as poverty, homelessness, environment, mental health and wellbeing.

We provide employees with opportunities to participate in our CSR program to make a difference with social and non-profit organisations and feel a sense of community where personal values align with CSR business values.

Our CSR program aims to give back to communities that in turn, help improve society. CSR activities are diverse in nature and benefits but can range from supporting annual causes such as fundraising/donating money to non-profits, sponsoring/partnering with social organisations and/or community groups and implementing environmentally-friendly policies in the workplace.

Our CSR program is successful as it is supported by the leadership team as well as our amazing employees.

How to Apply

You can view a list of any current vacancies on our career portal, or submit a general expression of interest for us to keep on file. Make sure with any submissions you include both a resume and cover letter (in pdf or Word format), and keep an eye on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram pages for any newly advertised opportunities.