HCMT: High Capacity Metro Train Maintenance Facility Project /

The overall project involves the design, construction, maintenance and financing of 65 High Capacity Metro Trains and a range of ancillary activities to support this, including construction of a new High Capacity Metro Train Maintenance Facility at Pakenham. The Civilex footprint, as part of the overall project is approximately 400,000m2 and requires a team to cut and fill approximately 160,000m3 of in situ fill material, importing and placing 60,000m3 of structural fill and 22,000m3 of rail capping material. The complex earthworks require the remediation of up to 120,000m2 of unsuitable subgrade conditions across the site. In addition, Civilex will supply and install of over 5 kilometres of in ground stormwater drainage, 20 kilometres of above ground swale drainage, construct 5 large box culvert structures and 56,000m2 of pavement construction for access roads, stabling roads, concrete pavements and car parks. Civilex are thrilled to be a part of this exciting project which supports Melbourne’s existing transport network and growing population. Civilex works are due for completion in the second half of 2017.