Ignite Graduate Program /

Patrick Kemp

2018 Graduate Engineer

Patrick is passionate about the environment. His favourite subjects while studying his Civil Engineering degree at Swinburne were environmental ones – how to minimise waste, using efficient materials, and in particular how to become carbon-neutral. Patrick hopes that in 20- or 30-years’ time the environment will be at the forefront of politicians and corporations’ minds.

While finishing his degree in 2017, Patrick conducted his 6-month placement and officially commenced as a 2018 Graduate Engineer under the Ignite Graduate Development Program. Patrick appreciated learning everything he could in the estimating department while on his student placement. It was the start of his construction career journey and says, “I enjoyed all the different projects we tendered on – the laying out of the entire project and the preparation required to tender.”

But it was within a live project environment at CD9 (Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal project) where Patrick came to understand how things work and progress on site. “Once I was at CD9, I realised how much the project as a whole had to be broken down into smaller, more detailed components like the removal of waste products, where the underground services were situated and so on. It was the first time I had ever been on a construction site – and even though it was tough at times it was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.”

He attended The Big Meet as many budding engineers do – researching and meeting with the best companies to kick-start his career. After a conversation with Civilex Project Manager Nick Loucaides at the careers expo he decided to apply for the Civilex Ignite Graduate Program. “Nick shared all the different types of projects he was able to work on at Civilex and the amazing family-oriented culture that exists between everyone. And I thought – that’s what I want!”

Since being at Civilex, Patrick knows he can control his own growth while asking anyone – including senior management and the directors – any question. “The growth here is not limited. I can go to anyone in this company and ask them anything and the best thing is that my colleagues and the senior managers will happily give me honest feedback and helpful answers.”

Civilex is growing along with its other construction entities Conset and Grampians Excavations. So where does Patrick see himself in five years’ time? “It’s so exciting to see that the company is planning its own growth. I’m looking forward to taking on any of the opportunities that come my way.”