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Nathan Lowe

2020 Graduate Engineer

Nathan Lowe

Nathan Lowe studied a Bachelor of Science and then followed a Master Civil Engineering at the University of Melbourne. He’s academically inclined and thoroughly enjoyed maths and physics subjects. He incorporated a six-month European vacation while studying and attended the university’s careers expo in 2019. That’s where we first met Nathan and where he first discovered Civilex via virtual reality.

Step into our Shoes with Virtual Reality
Civilex does things differently. As a company, we realised many graduates had gotten the hands-on experience of construction from work experience and/or cadetships. We wanted the ability to showcase what it was like to actually work at Civilex – with the people and out at site.

The marketing team created a company introduction using virtual reality that gives students a taste of Civilex life – its people, head office environment, diverse projects. With VR goggles on and a conversation with a current graduate at the Melbourne Uni expo, Nathan applied for our 2020 Ignite Graduate Program.

Ignite Graduate Program
Fast track to February 2020 and Nathan is part of the Civilex team.

He mentions that he always wanted to get into civil construction with his curiosity for construction was gravitating him to a construction pathway rather than a design one. He had completed cadetships with numerous construction companies and although he valued the theory-based programs offered and team environments, he discovered that the kind of culture he was seeking was harder to find. “It was serious business all the time. I’ve come to Civilex and discovered a balanced culture. Sure there’s serious work to be done but there’s also a relaxed vibe and supportive learning culture here. The Civilex head office is the best I’ve seen!”

Ignite Program and Site-Life
Nathan has started his Ignite Graduate Program out on-site at Melbourne Airport with a site team working with long term client APAM. Nathan is learning a whole range of tasks including HSEQ, programming and client liaison plus discovering all about the plant and equipment being deployed out there. “I’m really enjoying being part of the team attending meetings that involve the client. I’m feeling valued. It’s a perfect site for me to start on – I now know what a profiler plant is and what it does!”

Outside of Construction
Nathan enjoys sports and the outdoors. He’s a die-hard Bombers fan attending matches with mates throughout the footy season and previously played baseball for eight years. He enjoys snowboarding at Hotham or Bulla and recently returned from his first trip to Asia. There’s no stopping Nathan’s zest for life in and outside of construction and we’re glad he’s part of our team.