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Ignite Graduate Program /

Matthew Willis

Project Manager

Ignite your success with the Civilex Ignite 2020 Graduate Program.

The Ignite Graduate Program has been designed to all our graduates to explore their full potential and kick-start their career in civil construction. Civilex is growing and we are keen to develop our leaders of tomorrow. As part of the Ignite Graduate Program, you’ll get to work alongside some of the most talented people in the industry. They will be your colleagues and your mentors and will challenge the way you think and encourage you to explore new perspectives and possibilities.

Matthew Willis is one of those people.

Matt arrived at Civilex in 2014 as a Graduate Engineer and soon started climbing the ranks to Site Engineer, then Senior Project Engineer within 2.5 years. Matt was promoted to Project Manager within the company which has seen him spearhead many of Victoria’s largest infrastructure projects. Today, the future looks rosy for both Matt and Civilex as they make their move into interstate markets.

In the Beginning
Matt completed a Bachelor of Engineering Science at The University of Ballarat (now Federation University) while completing a work placement with Fulton Hogan as a Site Engineer. He ignited his career at Civilex in 2014 as a Graduate Engineer moving into a Site Engineer role and progressing to Senior Project Engineer in 2016. Matt was given a broad scope to explore his strengths while learning new skills that assisted his mobility within the company.

It was also due to a solid foundation of support that helped him on his way. “Starting out as a graduate I received immense support and backing from the senior management and the directors at Civilex. From day one I was given the opportunity to perform tasks above my role to whatever level I wished to pursue which really helped my learning.”

Moving Up
Promoted to Project Manager in 2018 saw Matt work across a diverse range of Victoria’s infrastructure projects. “My favourite projects have been fairly diverse such as Winchelsea Compressor Station, Hummingbird Reserve, Box Hill Shared User Path, Ravenhall Prison, RAAF Base East Sale, Allen Reservoir Dam in Lorne, Metro Tunnel early works, Geelong Bacchus Marsh Road, and Avalon Airport.”

Matt enjoys the projects Civilex undertakes due to the unique work each and every project brings. It offers Matt an opportunity to learn something new and challenge his thinking. “In the past five years I’ve worked on 30-plus projects and rarely have I worked on a similar project and never two the same.”

Civilex Culture
If the diversity of the work and level of support Civilex employees receive is not what gets you over the line, the upbeat environment and company culture just might.

Matt has journeyed with Civilex through its tremendous growth in the past few years but what he appreciates the most is the culture that Civilex has created and nurtured throughout this development. “The company culture is fuelled by the directors who promote a sense of family and fellowship. Everyone gets along and we’re all motivated to work hard and achieve goals in part because of the positive culture and reward for effort here.”

Matt Leads Interstate Expansion

Matt has always taken on new opportunities and with Civilex expanding interstate with Collector Wind Farm, he’s ready to maximise his wealth of experience and work with a group of highly motivated co-workers in a rural environment. “I’m really excited about this one. Expanding interstate represents a new era for Civilex and I’m grateful to be on the journey and a part of it.”

As Matt establishes himself in NSW in a role that sees him working closely with RJE as the consortium manager, he gains an understanding of the way their business works and builds great relationships between the organisations. “I enjoy managing the design and construction process to achieve the best project outcome for our client in the shortest timeframe possible. That’s made possible with open and honest collaboration between the Civilex team, our subcontractors, the client Vestas and partner Ratch.”

There is an opportunity for Matt to meet like-minded people while exploring the expansion of the business throughout NSW. Matt says, “I love my work, and I choose to do extra hours to make the most of the opportunities presented to me. The senior managers at Civilex are extremely flexible when things come up and I need to take time away from work. It’s such a positive environment to work in with a fantastic group of people and amazing mentoring from senior managers. There is an abundance of opportunities here at Civilex for those willing to work for them.”