Ignite Graduate Program /

Mark O’Sullivan

2018 Graduate Engineer

Mark studied Civil and Environmental Engineering at Federation University in Gippsland. His goal to develop his project management skills and lead teams in and on large infrastructure projects is at the forefront of his learning and development at Civilex. Mark has engineering in his blood. He is the third-generation engineer of his family – his father is a mechanical engineer and works in the power industry, and his grandfather was an electrical engineer.

Both Mark and his older brother share a common interest and have both pursued civil engineering careers. While he’s not on site or talking engineering with his dad and brother, Mark enjoys playing golf and has a keen interest in restoring JAWA vintage motorbikes with a collection of seven in his garage to date.

It was his brother, hearing good things about Civilex, who told Mark to apply for the 2018 Ignite Graduate Program. Since then Mark has worked on diverse infrastructure projects including PAFO (Parking and Forecourt Optimisation) at Melbourne Airport, Metro Tunnel early works at Moray Street and now he’s currently at Regent Station in Reservoir.

“What I really enjoy about being at Civilex is the level of responsibility I’m handed on site. I feel I’m entrusted with greater accountability and decision-making but with a solid foundation of backing from project engineers and managers.” A perfect combination for developing Mark’s technical project management skills and personal attributes that enable effective interaction such as decision making, leadership and communication.

The Ignite Graduate Program is a comprehensive program as it covers a broad range of technical units as well as honing graduate’s soft skills at workshops that graduates undertake together. “The program’s soft skills classes are great. I’ve gained so much from the Ignite grad program units – hands-on skills that pushed me out of my comfort zone. I’m confident there are no gaps in my skillset.”

The project engineers and managers on site are very approachable assisting and supporting Mark on his career pathway to broader and larger project management roles and responsibilities. Mark says, “It’s a young company with a great culture and I’ve fitted in really easily. I enjoy working with everyone here.”