Ignite Graduate Program /

Dane Gallagher

2019 Graduate Engineer

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, or so the saying goes, and Dane’s family is no different having engineering in the bloodline. His father, educated in the chemical engineering discipline, now project manages wind farm projects for an equipment manufacturer. Dane graduated from RMIT with a degree in Civil Engineering and started working at Civilex in July 2018.

Dane’s had a taste of the kind of opportunities available at Civilex and he’s eager to maximise his time here. He spent four months on the CD9 rail project which saw nine level crossings removed between Caulfield and Dandenong. He’s also learnt a thing or two about quantifying design changes from drawings issued for construction versus those that were not, and understanding where value is lost or gained by spending time in the estimating department.

Dane’s two favourite buzzwords are culture and progress. “I love the Civilex culture! Everyone here is treated equally – there’s equal opportunity, we’re not pigeon-holed, we can take the grad program at our own pace and I really feel like I belong here.”

The 2-year Ignite Civilex Graduate Program is unique and user-friendly for the simple fact that it’s flexible. Graduates can choose to fast-track their program and complete the range of hard and soft-skill units sooner. Dane’s challenge is clear. “I have a clear goal of fast-tracking my graduate program and aiming to complete it one year from when I started employment with Civilex.” It’s game on for Dane!

Dane’s interests outside working life is playing football for Rowville Football Club accompanying his assertive approach to his career and long-term vision to become a Construction Manager at Civilex or even an entrepreneur. Right now, he’s ready and waiting to turn his vision into a reality.