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Rock Blasting at Collector Wind Farm

The Civilex team at Collector Wind Farm project in NSW has undertaken some interesting works recently. Civilex Senior Project Engineer Brendan Swaine has been at the forefront of rock blasting works with contractor Tablelands Explosives.2 in preparing the wind farm site. Brendan says, “It’s not often you get the chance to blow stuff up at work!”

During foundation excavation, the team encountered granite which is not able to be broken down with an excavator and hammer. To progress works and prevent delays to FRP (Form-Reo-Pour) works, it was decided to engage a blasting contractor to complete blasting works on 5 foundations so that project delays were avoided and works continued ahead of schedule for our client Vestas.

Watch the video of the blast. To make this occur, between 120-200 76mm diameter holes are drilled into the surface and loaded with ANFO/Megadrive explosives. Each charge is strategically wired/fused to allow different delay timing to detonation allowing clean blasting of material from batters and creating a central stockpile. The velocity of detonation is 4,000-5,000 meters per second.

Collector Windfarm Sandblasting from Civilex Victoria on Vimeo.

Innovative thinking from the team at Collector Wind Farm in NSW.

Together with RJE Smarter Engineering, Civilex was awarded the Collector Wind Farm balance of plant contract by global sustainable energy solutions provider Vestas in May 2019. The Civilex RJE Global Consortium will deliver the balance of plant work for the Collector Wind Farm, located just outside of Goulburn, NSW.

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