Civilex has changed its name to Symal.

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King of the road

There’s more to our new NDD truck than meets the eye.

Our new brand Symal represents our values of working together, so when it came to choosing artwork for the new 2020 Cappellotto COMBI 2600, we wanted to pay respect to our partnership with Wamarra, a part of the Symal Group.

As a self-performing contractor, Wamarra creates meaningful careers to Aboriginal people through long term and sustainable employment.
When we work together, we gain enormous value from celebrating and recognising our diverse cultures and communities.

The meaning behind the artwork by Nunga Creations is explained here:

The earthy toned circled dot patterns are representative of various Aboriginal groups across the country, each with their own traditional boundaries but closely connected. Connected by water and land.

Water has its own path and its own story. From its origins from the mountains to the estuary outlets on the shores of the sea, it creates its own path and is used in various ways on its journey. We utilise the water for irrigation, providing water to our plants, for fishing, providing food for our families and for farming to harvest and catch fish, eels and plants on the water’s edge, this is represented at the end of each water’s path. The cross-thatch pattern represents the plants and the reeds used to create baskets, fish and eel traps.

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