Civilex has changed its name to Symal.

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Civilex Completes Contaminated Glass Project with the EPA

Civilex (soon to be Symal) has completed the clean-up and removal of stockpiled contaminated glass for EPA at Glass Recovery Services (GRS) in Coolaroo. The major clean up project took eight months and involved removing 150,000 tonnes of waste and 9 million litres of leachate and industrial wastewater.

Civilex Construction Manager Ben Delahunty said, “The GRS site presented a complex set of risks to manage, including an active fire risk while removing the contaminated glass.”

With stockpiled material reaching temperatures in excess 100 degrees at the surface, and up to 600 degrees one metre below the surface, it was vital that the Civilex team understood client and stakeholder key requirements, in particular the needs of the EPA, the MFB, fire engineers and first responders on site. Ben added, “Civilex successfully developed a safe and efficient work method that addressed both fire and contaminated water risks, and ensured those risks were not transferred to any other sites. We’re proud of the work we were able to complete for the EPA.”

Civilex performs across diverse construction sectors, including environmental restoration. Offering innovative, pragmatic remediation services we ensure the efficient removal of materials and the best approaches to regenerating land making it safe for future use.

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