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Celebrating 5 Years Together

We are proud to recognise and celebrate the five-year milestone with 50 of our employees from across our construction group. For such a young group, we’re pleased to have so many of our employees join us and choose to stay long term.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, our preferred way of acknowledging and celebrating together is not possible this year. But as a small token of our appreciation, we’re sending all our 5-year club members a packaged gift to enjoy in the comfort of their own home along with a special 5-year club jacket.

Welcome and congratulations to the newest members to our 5-year club – we look forward to seeing you wear you 5-year club jackets: Aaron Illangakoon, Ben Duncombe, Cameron Main, Craig McSweeney, David Caserta, Jaimes Russell, John Stamatis, Konstantinos Koromilas, Martin Marriner, Matthew De Hennin, Mick Kitchin, Nick Bogdanovski, Rhett Oxley and Vitorino Da Silva.

Congratulations to the following employees for celebrating another year in the 5-year club:
Aaron McArthur, Ben Rossignuolo, Billy Trottman, Brett Merlo, Brian Ferres, Casey Prime, Charlie Bonavia, Chris Siomos, Christopher Kennedy, Christopher Zafiris, Craig Hoffman, Dale Ricketts, Damien Gatt, Donald Henriques, Duarte Henriques, George Markelis, Graham Hodges, Grant Core, Jeffrey Burns, Joelle Fradd, Joseph Buttigieg, Kale Blackman, Luke Spiteri, Macur Scott, Matthew Bell, Matthew Willis, Michelle Bartolo, Nathan Burns, Paul Brunato, Salvatore Carrivale, Sam Scacco, Simon Deery, Simon Ierodiaconou, Stephen McInerney, Thomas Watterson and TJ Delbridge.

Next month, we look forward to recognising and celebrating our 10-year club members.

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