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Partnership with DeakinTALENT Creating NextGen Value

Civilex appreciates the significant value in forming and building key relationships and partnerships within the construction industry. Included in these are the strategic relationships we have cultivated with universities. Since launching the Civilex graduate program in 2017, we are proud to have developed Deakin graduates within our growing group of companies. Deakin University graduates Sanjay Sarup and Matthew Martin (pictured below) joined Civilex as graduates in 2017 and have both enjoyed the career opportunities within our construction group.

Strategic Partnership with DeakinTALENT

DeakinTALENT Graduate Employment Division is one of our strategic partnerships – a careers service focussed on elevating graduate outcomes and employment. DeakinTALENT Senior Graduate Recruitment Consultant Lauren Harris says, “We partner with employers to find the right candidates to grow their business – we make this easy by offering cost-free recruitment and shortlisting service. We actively encourage employers to build their brand online with our DeakinTALENT Connect platform as well as inviting industry to engage with students at our careers expos.”

Strategic partnerships such as these have assisted the Civilex construction group to expand and diversify its workforce, whilst simultaneously contributing to the job market and economy. Civilex Senior Human Resources Advisor Lorraine Reilly says, “We have dedicated a great deal of time, energy and resources into our Ignite Graduate Program. It’s exciting to watch the graduates grow into their roles and take on the diverse opportunities offered here at Civilex.”

The partnership value between Civilex and DeakinTALENT also lies in the sharing of information. Lauren says, “The graduate market is dynamic and constantly changing – not dissimilar to the construction industry. Employers need to engage with graduates and come with an agile approach to their changing needs especially around recruiting graduates who fit culturally.”

Our Culture

Civilex offers a unique culture, workplace and flexible graduate program. Lorraine says, “Our working culture is strongly based upon our company values. We realise that graduates not only want to kick-start their professional careers, they also want to feel a real sense of belonging at their workplace, and a sense of contributing to something great.”

With its modern head office facilities in Spotswood, Civilex extends the notion of family to its employees, including facilities and activities which bring people together. Lorraine says, “Our employees feel right at home. Cleverly designed shared spaces encourage employees to gather around, chat or enjoy a meal together, and at the end of the week unwind over a game of pool or table tennis. We also take our social responsibility seriously and provide employees with a social calendar jam-packed with more than just meetings!”

Our Ignite Graduate Program

The two-year Ignite Graduate Program is flexible too. Lorraine says, “We offer the opportunity for our graduates to fast-track their learning and experience. They’re not pigeon-holed and if they want to fast-track their career and complete their two-year program sooner, they can.”

One Deakin University graduate has done just that. Matt Martin recently completed his Ignite Graduate Program in just 14 months and is now working on our first interstate wind farm project in Goulburn, NSW. Civilex Site Engineer Matt Martin says, “The Ignite Graduate Program provides a solid foundation to start your career. Being a flexible program means participants can fast track their learning and development which provides greater opportunities to advance forward in the company and gain diverse hands-on experience.”

Civilex is excited about the upcoming 2020 Graduate recruitment cycle and looks forward to meeting and welcoming the Deakin University graduates who simply want it all.

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