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Feeding the Hungry at Sunshine Salvos

Civilex has embedded giving back to our community in our 2019 calendar. This year, our Social Calendar has been planned for much more than just welcome breakfasts and meetings!

At Civilex, we recognise that a good work-life balance is essential to creating a healthy, happy and engaged team. To support this balance, and to continue our drive for a unified culture of shared experiences, we have created an active Social Calendar full of diverse and special events. These events range from half days – sleep in or finish early, RDOs for birthdays and wellbeing, a Christmas shopping day and many opportunities for our staff to give back to the community via our Feeding the Hungry events.

Throughout 2019, Civilex has dedicated four days for our staff to help Feed the Hungry. So far, we’ve fulfilled two of them.

In May we were invited to use our purpose-built BBQ truck to cook and serve a Friday night meal for the less fortunate at the Sunshine Salvation Army. And earlier in March, we purchased non-perishable foodstuffs that we packed into 51 hampers for Foodbank Victoria to distribute to hungry families.

Civilex employee Victoria Eresjo who volunteered with the Sunshine Salvos says, “The people we fed were not homeless and living rough, they were average parents and retirees. Knowing we were helping these people and their children makes giving up my time a worthwhile cause. Volunteering really opens my eyes to the homeless situation in the west – it’s not necessarily who you think.”

Victoria believes the Civilex Social Calendar demonstrates how the business has evolved from a humble family business to a national stakeholder. “Even though we’re growing and expanding, I still see the family and wellbeing focus through our Social Calendar. I mean, where else would you get paid to take a day off for your birthday and to do Christmas shopping? Our Social Calendar is showing appreciation to staff and the community, and that we’re not just a number.”

Sunshine Salvos organiser Phuong Reynolds said, “At Sunshine Salvos, we really believe we do things better when we do them together! Our friends at Civilex put on a great night for us – the meal was delicious and the community spirit generated was wonderful. Our regular Friday night meal community were so appreciative for the generosity shared from Civilex. Here’s to hoping we can do it all again sometime later this year!”

Our previously published Feeding the Hungry article shared how we partnered with Foodbank Victoria to help supply just under 1,200 meals for vulnerable Victorians.

Conset employee Elika Schaumkel who volunteered with our Finance Team to purchase food for the food drive says, “I always have a passion and willingness to help others, not because I have much to give or that they need my help, but because it is extremely empowering for me to give. I feel happy knowing that I can help others wherever I can.”

Foodbank Chief Development Manager Chris Scott said, “Thanks to all those who participated and donated to the Civilex-Conset food drive – a total of 650kg of non-perishable items was donated. That’s the equivalent of providing 1,170 meals. Thank you.”

Thank you to our employees for donating your time to give back to our community so generously. Our next Feeding the Hungry days are scheduled in our Social Calendar for July and September. Stay tuned for details.

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