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Civilex Safety 7 Journey & Launch

Earlier in the year, Civilex officially launched Safety 7 to our entire workforce. Below is the journey of our Safety 7 program – from idea to launch including a peek of our launch through photos and video.

Anything worthwhile takes time and effort, right? It took Bruce Springsteen six months of lyrical edits to record Born to Run; JK Rowling five years to plan out the seven Harry Potter books; James Cameron 15 years to complete the movie Avatar from idea to screen, and NASA a little over eight years to get a person on the moon. Slow mastery across any discipline is to be praised.

It is this same ‘slow mastery’ that has been applied in bringing about Civilex’s comprehensive standardised Safety 7 program. As part of our commitment to safety, Civilex has been on a journey to review our safe work processes and benchmark them against industry-leading practices. From safety idea to safety launch, Safety 7 has involved nearly two years of planning, researching, collaborating and approval.

Through a period of extraordinary company growth and taking on diverse civil construction projects, our management team identified that to maintain our proactive safety culture a more standardised approach to safety across the entire company was required. Civilex Operations Manager Matthew Gurney says, “As industry standards evolve and change, it’s integral that we as a company identify best practice and change with them.”

The safety committee discussion around formalising a safety program took hold early in 2017 with Civilex managers collaborating on the key safety risks that would form the backbone of the safety program. Seven key risks were identified, and our standardised safety program was born.

The key risks identified in Safety 7 include:
• Services and Assets
• Traffic Management
• Plant Operation
• Excavation
• Lifting Operations
• Working at Heights
• Unique Work Activities.

Company-wide workshops soon followed and staff were encouraged to contribute their ideas and views around the seven safety key risk areas. The Civilex Safety team compiled and reviewed staff feedback and contributions, which in turn informed the program’s content. In July 2017 Victorian OHS Regulations underwent a major review and the waiting game was on until the publication of the new Compliance Codes in 2018.

Twelve months on with new OHS Regulations released; the real grunt work began. Significant time and effort were dedicated to Civilex’s safety program – ensuring its content adhered to current laws, reflected industry best practice and was representative of the business risks to assist employees, project sub-contractors and partners alike.

Throughout January and February this year, 220 staff members were inducted into Safety 7 and officially launched in front of the entire company. A special premiere was held at The Sun Theatre in Yarraville that showcased the Safety 7 journey from inception to launch which can be viewed below. All the Safety 7 program information can be found on our website.

Safety 7 Launch from Civilex Victoria on Vimeo.

The official launch of Safety 7 was a great way to bring the entire Civilex company together. Safety 7 Champions HSEQ Managers Michael Spiteri and George Markelis are proud of Safety 7 and the work that has gone into it saying, “This heralds a new era for our entire business and we’re excited and immensely satisfied to share it with you.”

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