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Thank you for Showing Your True Colours

Happy Friday Everyone!

It’s a week since the Civilex team came together for Footy Colours Day 2018 – 3 sites, 3 BBQs and it’s our 3rd year of participation! So we’ve created a short video to thank everyone for participating and donating generously to Fight Cancer Foundation.

But before we do that…

An event like this doesn’t just happen without lots of help from lots of people. There are a few people we’d like to acknowledge and recognise:

Special shout out and thanks to Footy Colours Day Ambassador Nick Loucaides (Project Manager Level Crossing Removal Project CD9 site at Murrumbeena) for his commitment and organisation in making an event like this happen three years in a row and this year having 3 BBQs at 3 sites. Inspiring. Thanks to everyone at CD9 Murrumbeena site who helped make it happen.

Thank you to our administration staff Joelle and Victoria at head office for your tireless effort in finding, calling and negotiating with companies to supply food/drinks to 3 sites BBQs as well as organising the head office BBQ. Thanks for cooking up a storm Finance 3!

Thank you Joe Hickey (Project Manager at Metro Tunnel Moray Street site) for organising the tightly-knit BBQ at Metro Tunnel site in South Melbourne and everyone at Moray Street site who helped make it happen.

Special mention to our friend and former employee Chris who generously donated his Footy Tip Competition winnings (the whole lot) to the cause. Legend.

Thank you to our Footy Colour Day supporters – our clients, subcontractors, suppliers – who jump on board and keep coming back each year. And to the companies – both local and afar – who generously and wholeheartedly donated money and/or items for our three BBQs. Your support is awesome and so glad to have you all involved.

And finally, a big thank you to all the Civilex staff who helped out with cooking (and cleaning) BBQs, preparing food, getting the Civilex BBQ truck to CD9, collecting money, cleaning up and donating. We appreciate your time, effort and donations in helping make the Civilex Footy Colours Day a huge success. And it was (just watch the video)!

Hope you’re all looking forward to next year’s Footy Colours Day and together Show Your True Colours alongside us and help make a difference to kids with cancer.

Thank you.

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