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Plant Life at Civilex

As a leading Melbourne-based civil contractor, Civilex invests heavily in its plant. The obvious plant being the usual large, yellow machines used at our various civil project site locations. But what you may not realise also, is that Civilex has invested in the green plant variety at its new head office.

Civilex plant life

The early 2018 head office relocation to Spotswood has provided Civilex employees a workspace others would dream about. Modern yes; natural light-filled yes; open spaces yes; inviting kitchen with breakfast in the pantry yes; a game of pool or table tennis during the workday hell yeah! But if there is one element in particular that leaves our employees more content and our visitor’s turning green with envy it’s our plant life.

Beginning with our amazing garden wall, located at reception, is a green kaleidoscope of plants with attention-grabbing red flowers. At first glance, the garden wall appears fake. The overhead lights reflecting on the leaves and perfectly formed red flowers make it seem all too perfect to be real. But as visitors wait out at reception admiring the greenery, the misconception is soon corrected by the quiet sound of trickling water.

Managing Director Joe Bartolo was hands-on with the design and layout of Civilex’s new head office saying, “At Civilex we place great importance on the wellbeing of our employees and provide them with a working environment that helps to reduce stress, increase productivity, and we wanted to create an office environment that our employees actually enjoy being in.” Being in and around nature can help achieve these outcomes – so not only does Civilex have an impressive live garden wall at reception but plants have been intentionally placed throughout the office including open office and meeting spaces and kitchen and outdoor areas that provide a unique green office environment. Joe adds, “I personally benefit from the design and I believe our employees do too.” Joe is not alone in his views that having plants in a working environment contributes to overall wellbeing.

According to Plant Life Balance website the science behind plants and people is simple: they are a great mix. It seems the greatest benefits of having real plants surrounding us in our homes and our workplaces is twofold: better air quality and wellbeing. Plants remove toxins in the air we breathe as well as create feelings of relaxation, inspiration and positivity. That’s a win-win for employees and employers.

An RMIT study also found that there is little benefit in having just the one plant. The greatest benefit is having many plants of all shapes and sizes. The study found that as the more plants are added or a complete garden “look” is created in the home or workspace, wellbeing increases significantly.

Our office staff couldn’t agree more. Read what some of them say about the benefits they experience through Civilex investing in plant life at the new Spotswood head office:

Victoria Eresjo, Office Administrator: “Our garden wall really stops traffic. Visitors stand there in awe of it when they first enter our head office; some grab their smartphones and take photos of it! I’m lucky as I get to appreciate the garden wall throughout the day and it makes me feel happy.”

Civilex plant life

Civilex head office – a welcoming entrance of plant life.

Nate Rampant Project Manager: “I’m out on site for a lot of the time, but when I’m back at head office it’s such a nice environment to come back to and be in. Eating lunch in the kitchen area with everyone else and the extensive plant life around certainly benefits how I feel. I’m sure it’s the same for my colleagues.”

Civilex plant life

Civilex kitchen area is open, light-filled and green with plant life.

Lorraine Reilly Human Resources Coordinator: “I just love the greenery in our HR office as well as across the entire head office space. It makes feel happy and calm especially in my busy day-to-day role in human resources.”

Civilex plant life

Civilex’s plant wall looks too good to be real, until the sound of trickling water starts.

Kate McAdam Accounts Payable Officer: “Due to the nature of my role in finance, I’m facing a screen for much of my working day but having the green plants surrounding me actually makes me feel good. It’s a lovely sight to have so much greenery in an open-plan office.”

Civilex plant life

Civilex open plan office space is filled with greenery.

At Civilex we not only love what we do, we love where we work.

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