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Happy Jeans For Genes Day

Happy 25th anniversary to Jeans For Genes.

Jeans For Genes is a major fundraising campaign for Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI). Over the past 25 years, Jeans For Genes has helped CMRI achieve amazing things in the search for cures for children’s genetic diseases.

Our group of companies – Civilex-Conset-Grampians has participated in its second Jeans For Genes day along with the other 41,000+ workplaces. Today we wore our denim – jeans, jackets, vests (making a come back apparently!) and our employees contributed to CMRI’s vision of supporting every parent’s hope for a healthy child – sadly 1 in 20 children is born with a birth defect or genetic disease (that’s one in every classroom) – and help us create a future without serious childhood diseases.

We’re proud to be one of the thousands of workplaces making a difference on Jeans For Genes day.

In 2017 our group raised $350 for Jeans For Genes and this year we’ve doubled our fundraising efforts to well over $700! We are proud to be involved in helping CMRI reach a $25 million milestone for their 25th anniversary. There’s still the opportunity to make a donation on our Jeans For Genes fundraising page.

Our staff donate for a variety of reasons.

Mary donated because she wants to support a great cause that helps raise funds for children’s research, something that definitely resonates with her being a mum of two children.

Nick donated as he has personally been the recipient of successful cancer treatments in the past, due in part to other peoples donations to research endeavours, and he always tries to ensure that someone in the future may also benefit in the ways he has.

Lisa donated because she has experienced the journey of her close friends who have a child with a genetic disease and wants to support finding cures.

What’s your reason for donating?

We are supporting Jeans for Genes because we want to help discover treatments and cures and to give every child the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

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