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Global Day Of The Engineer

Today, 4 April 2018, we’re celebrating Global Day of the Engineer.

A day to acknowledge and celebrate our 50 Civil Engineers!

We spoke with one of our up and coming Project Engineers Ibrahim Demiri who shares how his boyhood dreams are being realised within the civil construction industry at Civilex Victoria and what strengths are needed to succeed.

At Civilex Victoria we value our engineering staff and the service they deliver to our business and in improving infrastructure for society. At an engineer’s core is their expertise at problem solving and thinking. Their task: to design the built environment and manage the natural environment. Whether we realise it or not, theirs is a complex task requiring a number of key strengths and attributes.

Here are five key strengths and attributes we seek in our civil engineers:

Leadership. Our civil engineers are leaders who don’t balk at undertaking difficult assignments and will dig deep to find solutions.

Diversity. In our people and projects. Our diverse staff are our strength. Diverse project works including planning, designing, and constructing civil works in the field of highways, water and wastewater systems, tunnels, dams, buildings or bridges.

Innovative approaches. Our engineers are immersed in large-scale and complex projects: some to improve and maintain; others to create from scratch.

Thoroughness. Our civil engineers are detail-oriented people who deliver results due to their acute attention to detail and ability to see long term ideas and plans through to the end.

Positive outlook. Our company and its culture are built on a foundation of initiative where the only tether holding our civil engineers back is their own ambition.

And one of our up and coming Graduate-turned-Project Engineer is Ibrahim Demiri.

Ibrahim has worked at Civilex since March 2016. He arrived with qualifications and some experience: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and junior estimating, quoting and programming experience within a work placement at another construction company. Growing up, Ibrahim was immersed in a world of maths all around him. His mother, an automotive engineer, shared her passion for engineering with her young son. Ibrahim says, “Mum made maths fun by creating games with numbers.” Ibrahim and his mum spent hours solving maths problems together…just for fun.

Fast track to today, grown up Ibrahim is visiting the Civilex head office located in Spotswood. But over the course of last 65 weeks he’s been living and working in Sale (4-hours from Melbourne) working on one of the most sophisticated new defence training facilities in the southern hemisphere. No more maths games; welcome to the amazing real world of civil engineering. Ibrahim realises his value and contribution to the project and shares with me what his mum used to tell him that has carried Ibrahim throughout his civil engineering journey: If you’re honest with maths, maths will always be honest with you. He adds that the same goes for people.

The RAAF Base project in Sale was a unique project requiring a high level of commitment from staff both personally and professionally. The management of such a project is complex from community and stakeholder interfaces to traffic management, project management, environmental risk management to sub-contractor involvement. But Ibrahim isn’t the kind of personality to shy away from a challenge or opportunity for growth. As a result of being open to the opportunities that have come his way, the exposure within the defence sector has enhanced his civil engineering skills, level of responsibility and personal development. “I’ve become much more independent since relocating and sharing a rental house with a few other engineers up in Sale.” He cites self-reliance, prioritising his time, and being more aware of looking after himself while setting out to work on this project as a 22-year old.

At the start of the project he was fourth in line – a junior engineer. One year later, now as Project Engineer, Ibrahim has taken advantage of the fast-tracked learning and mentoring opportunities that Civilex provides its junior engineers. “Being exposed to the requirements of a Pilot Training Facility project over this period of time has been an amazing experience for me, and one that is not readily available within the usual civil engineering jobs going around at graduate level. I feel pretty lucky.”

Asked what else he has enjoyed about working on the Sale project, Ibrahim says, “Perfection. A Federal Defence environment demands a high level of security, stringency and perfection.” Specific processes must be followed otherwise the infrastructure constructed will not be suitable for an airfield environment.

The thought of planning the movement of as many as 30 pieces of heavy machinery with project stakeholders is testament to this unique landmark project’s level of logistical complexity.

Ibrahim is an up and coming young civil engineer with a bright future with Civilex Victoria. Today we acknowledge his passion and commitment to his work, as well as acknowledging his mum who always attempted to impart her passion for engineering and make maths fun for her son on the Day of the Global Engineer.