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Giving Back: Becoming Adapters with Western Bulldogs Community Foundation

A previous post this year reported that Civilex had joined the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation (WBCF) – a partnership we are extremely proud of. The WBCF is a committed and engaged community services arm fulfilling a very important role: providing deserving people living in Melbourne’s west and the western region of Victoria with the tools to succeed in life.

As employees of a Western Bulldogs Community Foundation Partner, Civilex staff are encouraged to become “Adaptors” and to volunteer their time and expertise in various WBCF programs on offer. Volunteer Adapters have the privilege of being hands-on in helping deliver an enriching and engaging experience for program participants. Civilex staff recently undertook an induction night to officially become “Adaptors”.

Civilex employees L-R: Debbie Pillay, Lorraine Reilly, Sam Scacco, Lisa Cole, Victoria Eresjo become Round 2 Adapters!

Dimity Gannon, Community Health and Wellbeing Manager, says, “The Adapters induction night is a great opportunity to learn more about each of the three streams of the Community Foundation: Health and Wellbeing, Social Inclusion and Diversity and Youth Leadership. The first half of the night covers the necessary administrative aspects, while the second half is an interactive session allowing Adaptors to experience what each of the streams involves.”

Civilex staff found the interactive session both fun and engaging, interspersed with moments of stepping outside personal comfort zones and realising what so many in our community deal with and manage on a daily basis. It was an opportunity for the community to come together and witness where true strength lies.

The well-known Sons of the West men’s 10-week health and wellbeing program is celebrating its fifth year, and its popularity and success will see Daughters of the West launched next week.

The Leadership Project is a 6-month intensive social leadership program for young people aged 14 – 16 years residing in Victoria’s West. The program supports these emerging leaders and provides them opportunities to build their capacities in leadership, social responsibility, teamwork, communication, goal setting, resilience and civic engagement. Participants have the opportunity to contribute to their local community whilst growing and developing as future leaders. Then there’s attending youth camps too. There’s something for everyone.

Towards the end of the induction evening, current Adapters shared their journey with the group. The heart-warming and reoccurring theme in all of their stories as volunteers was being able to witness the life-affirming impact the programs had on community participants – both young and old. Youth Leadership and Development Manager Adam Moedt says, “The programs are truly life-changing for many program participants and until you meet these people and experience the programs first-hand it is really hard to believe.” Volunteering in the programs provides an opportunity to be part of that positive community impact.

Civilex wishes to thank the Western Bulldogs Football Club and its Community Foundation for the positive change they stand for in our community in the west. If the mid-year Round 2 Adaptors Induction evening was anything to go by, you’ll have a whole team of Civilex Adapters in no time.

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