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Flexing Our Community Muscle in the West

From the outset, Civilex’s core business has always been in the civil construction space. Our company name alone gives that much away. But what may not be so evident from our name is the value we place on giving back to our local community in the west. Civilex partners and deliberately engages with a number of local community organisations in the west to help make a difference in a variety of ways. At its cultural heart, Civilex attracts and engages in purposeful pursuits. And while civil engineering may be its core business, the Civilex leadership team and employees are actively participating and contributing to our civil society.

Civilex has carefully crafted its Corporate Community Program over time to align with its core values. From initially supporting local and grassroots sporting clubs, we now also sponsor and partner with a wide variety of organisations and causes, predominantly located in Melbourne’s west. Some of these organisations, charities, and foundations are tireless in their commitment and effort at making long-lasting, positive change in everyday people’s lives and wellbeing. And this complements our commitment to making a difference where we can: creating awareness, improving social capital and bridging the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

Our Corporate Community Program challenges our community to step up both collectively and as individuals; to be more socially aware and responsible by giving back to diverse local communities. And in turn, giving back enhances our work through building team morale and collaboration outside of the head office, and allows employees to make lasting contributions to others.

Human Resources Manager Olivia Bartolo wholeheartedly embraces the corporate social responsibility model and encourages and challenges our employees to use their current skill-sets – and develop new competencies – outside of their often demanding and busy working roles. Knowing is one thing; taking action is another. Olivia says, “Through this model, we hope our employees embrace opportunities to leverage their skills and experience in other ways and to fully participate in programs that give them the chance to do something truly extraordinary and fulfilling.”

Civilex continues creating opportunities for employee involvement in a number of key community programs in the west. These opportunities include supporting Hobsons Bay Community Fund deliver their community programs and a Foundation Partnership with the Western Bulldogs with an opportunity for our employees to volunteer.

Some of the Civilex team pictured with our friend Mayor Angela Altair at the Hobsons Bay Community Foundation business lunch that helped raise over $45k for the fund.

Hobsons Bay Community Fund (HBCF)
HBCF is a perpetual philanthropic fund established to benefit and strengthen the Hobsons Bay community for today and future generations. The Fund’s aim is to grow to $1 million and provide support to the local community in the form of community initiatives and organisations. Arts, sport, welfare, housing, food, education, recreation, health, disability and the environment are factors impacting all age groups within the municipality.

This year partners and sponsors such as Civilex helped raise almost $29,520 at the 2018 Budget Car & Truck Rental Charity Day that saw 105 keen (and not-so-keen) golfers take part in a fun golfing day. This money will benefit the wide range of community organisations that receive grants from the Community Fund. It was also the first time a perpetual trophy was awarded to the winning team: Steve Bracks, Kelvyn Lavelle, David Huggins and David Parsons. Two women’s teams entered this year, so if you’re keen to sponsor for a perpetual women’s trophy next year get in touch with the organisers.

Civilex also attended the HBCF annual business networking lunch recently. The networking event was a wonderful opportunity to share the Civilex team spirit and gain greater awareness about the amazing initiatives that the HBCF supports and helps deliver to the community.

Snippets of feedback from our staff who attended the lunch:

Frank Freskos
“It is a really great initiative that Civilex supports the local community by hosting a table and also the generous donation made by Civilex. The lunch was a great networking event which allows voices to be heard and brings a greater understanding of the programs that are supported by the HBCF. Was great that we were able to represent the company and share a laugh at the same time.”

Shanil Dissanayake
“A fun afternoon and a great initiative. Thanks for having me.”

Tasos Christodoulou
“Thank you for the invite – a lovely luncheon with great people. It was an honour to be part of the generosity of Civilex’s donation.”

Joe Bartolo
“I am amazed at how many people can put their time aside to be part of and support such a great charity. I was personally touched by the grant offered to the girl who suffered from anxiety and depression at such a young age, and how she was able to help others going through similar circumstances. It makes me so proud to be associated with a community that gives so much back.”

From Hobsons Bay to Western Bulldogs, Civilex continues to support its community of the west.

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