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Civilex’s Ideal Facilities for Optimal Culture

Good workplace cultures are in abundance, but amazing ones take time to build and deliberate effort to unravel. There’s a myriad of ways company culture can be created, one being the physical space employees work in. It’s where a company’s greatest asset – it’s employees – invest a huge amount of their time, so it makes sense to put some proper thought and design into getting it right. Melbourne-based construction group Civilex is one such company who truly values the high-performance culture it has cultivated and continues to nurture. And part of that has been in the meticulous attention to detail Managing Director Joe Bartolo has given to its new Spotswood-based head office. The result: impressive and a far cry from the typically staid construction offices that come to mind.

We love Spotswood

Once an under-utilised space, the development of the Hall Street property into a valuable asset by Incore Developments is just the start of the story with STUDIOMINT Architecture and Interiors bringing Joe’s vision to life. Visitors who step into the thriving head office comment this is the Google of construction. Beautiful design, intricate product placement and overwhelming I would love to work here feedback from visitors.

Read local The Westsider article about Spotswood’s history and renaissance in which Civilex is a part of here.

How Did We Achieve This?

It’s what’s called office design intent. Managing Director Joe Bartolo, the driving force and personality behind the office look, feel and functionality, is all for breaking traditional stereotypes that exist in the construction industry and redefining the future of what construction companies can look like. “We are happy being the disruptive example of what a dynamic construction business can look like. More than ever in today’s competitive infrastructure space it’s all about attracting and retaining the best people, so it makes sense providing our people with a great place to perform their best work in.”

The construction group – Civilex, Conset and Grampians Excavations and Property Development entity Incore Developments – are primed for progress as sustainable, high-performance 21st-century businesses now and well into the future. Joe says, “We’ve created something very unique here by pulling all the pieces together at our head office so that our office interior aligns and complements our high-performance, family-oriented, service culture.”

So, what are these pieces and how do they work together to create the high-performance, family-oriented culture?

Our Working Spaces – Inside and Out

We’re Collaborative

Part of the design brief was to create spaces where individuals and teams could work together. The majority of Civilex’s office-based staff occupy an open plan area where each desk is set up with mounted dual screen monitors and green plants in planter boxes breaking up the technology. There’s also an outdoor area complete with WiFi where staff can unplug from the desk, or simply socialise in the sun.

We’re Quiet (when we need to be!)

To balance out the open plan space the office has been designed to include secluded areas for small team discussions and phone calls. Comfy grey box seat alcoves minimise noise from conversations, and glass-walled quiet rooms are perfect for private mobile phone calls. These office design features provide the best of both worlds: team collaboration and privacy.

We Come Together

When you’re a full-time employee you invest many hours at work so having access to a cleverly designed kitchen space to prepare and eat your lunch, enjoy a snack or make a coffee is an absolute bonus. Civilex’s shared kitchen and meals area – inside and out – feels more like a home away from home than your stock-standard office kitchenette. The welcoming space offers employees a range of wholesome foods, a stocked pantry of breads, cereals, and spreads if you miss breakfast at home, and of course a range of tea, coffee and filtered water.

The Office Mood

We’re Green and Well

Being a ‘green’ office makes a big difference in how we operate especially in our employees’ wellbeing (one of our core values). Our reception space features a floor to ceiling live plant wall that is simply stunning. It’s well researched that live, green plants filter toxins from the air producing better quality air to breathe. We also limit paper use (with plans to become completely paperless) and consciously recycle to become more environmentally friendly.

We’re Natural

From floors to walls, lighting and air – Civilex is all about embracing nature and sustainability. Warm timber walls feature in meeting rooms equipped with technology-enhanced screens; original red brick has been given new life in the open office space and Manager’s offices to create a comfortable, calming atmosphere; and light settings and intensity have been considered to replicate natural outside light.

We’re Open

We spend most of our time at work often boxed in by four walls and although it’s great to be able to have a snug office during winter, it’s nice to open up those walls and let the outside in on warmer days. Civilex has integrated ‘office open-ability’ through floor to ceiling tilt doors in the open work area. On sunny days the large windows open up completely allowing employees working at their desks to enjoy the feeling of being outside.

We’re Movers (and Shakers)

We intentionally share desk phones to encourage more movement in and about the office, and we actually have to walk to the people we need to speak to rather than just phone them. Sound old-fashioned? Not at all. The purpose is to keep moving rather than being deskbound and sedentary for too long, and also to promote more face-to-face conversations – which leads to greater collaboration.

Ever wonder why our restrooms are located at the other end of the office building? It’s been designed that way so our employees walk more! We actively encourage our people to get up from their desks and move about more often. Moving more is better for everyone.

We’re Family (well not really, but it feels like that!)

One of the best office rules at Civilex is that no food is eaten at our desks. Why? We’re encouraged to leave our work desks regularly and enjoy the kitchen or outdoor spaces where eating and socialising can happen. Whether it’s a mini-break or a lunchtime meal, the ‘no eating at your desk’ rule enhances employee engagement – diverse departments who wouldn’t normally work together are able to get to know one another over a meal.

We’re into Games

There are games to be played at work too. Our employees have the opportunity to mix up their workday with a game of pool in the extended kitchen area, or table tennis in the outdoor garden area. Large screen TVs broadcast the news or special TV events, and music streams throughout the office via a BOSE sound system.

So, want to come play with us?

We’re always on the lookout for more people like us! Check our current vacancies here.

Did you know that our featured head office is home to Civilex and the group of construction entities including Conset and Grampians Excavations as well as Property Development entity Incore Developments?

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