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Civilex Turns 10 – A Decade of Growth

The office was a-buzz as party elves prepared to celebrate Civilex Victoria’s 10th birthday. Giant helium balloons and hanging party lights and pinatas, a Civilex-themed photo booth and retro popcorn stand, and enormous letters spelling out CIVILEX lit up the entire outdoor area and transformed our new head office in Spotswood into a carnival-like atmosphere! Caterers soon followed – busily working away in the boardroom preparing a smorgasbord of oysters, dips, cheeses and meats, and putting champagne and beer on ice. Not forgetting the incredible concrete-looking Besser Block birthday cake!

Additional entertainment – a stand-up comedian – kept us all on our toes and chuckling, preceded by a league of Japanese drummers dressed in Civilex-branded hard hats and hi-vis vests. As the drummers beat away their impressive hum we welcomed in a new, energetic era and celebrated Civilex’s 10th birthday with a big bang and many, many laughs.

Civilex’s first decade has been a busy one: the company’s growth trajectory has been dynamic and upward; projects won have been diverse, and welcoming and onboarding new talent have been unstoppable. The future of the civil construction company is rosy with a focus on expansion through acquisitions, diversification and sustainable long-term growth.

The Civilex story is one of family-oriented beginnings starting in 2008 with a handful of employees, two excavators and a ute. Two years after Civilex commenced, Directors – Ray Dando and Andrew Fairbairn came on board with Joe Bartolo. They weren’t just the founding Directors, they were Civilex! Over the following year, Civilex took on seven employees increasing the company to a total of 10 and delivered projects that doubled its turnover. By 2013 Civilex had 50 staff members. Employee figures doubled again over the next year.

Fast forward to our 10th birthday today and the Civilex continues its upward employee and turnover growth trajectory but continues to stay close to its core: people. We hold firm to the belief that success is underpinned by our culture. It’s a culture that treats employees fairly and as family while investing in people, innovation, and technology so that skills are developed now and for future generations.

We are all extremely proud to have celebrated such a significant milestone: a decade of Civilex. From humble beginnings to all the people who have journeyed with Civilex and helped shape its family-oriented culture, to the future beat of Civilex – we wouldn’t change a thing!

Hip hip hooray for Civilex!

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