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Civilex Recognises its Longest Serving Members

The era of employment for life is now something of the past but is the loyalty to one company over the long term well and truly over just yet? Well, that probably depends on the company you’re working for.

Civilex has recognised and inducted its longest-serving employees into the inaugural Five Year Club. If the career statistics are accurate, the Five Year Club at any company is one that few people will qualify for in their lifetime. It’s been stated that the average person changes jobs 10-15 times throughout their career, and according to a recent study by McCrindle, the national average time spent in a position across all age groups is 3 years and 4 months. So, a five-year milestone is one to be celebrated, if only for its exceptionality alone!

Congratulations to our employees on being recognised and inducted into the Civilex Five-Year Club.

Civilex recently hosted a special lunch event for 14 employees who had reached the five-plus year milestone with the company. Held at The Railway Club Hotel, the lunch was a chance to recognise and acknowledge Civilex staff who have been with the company over a longer period of time – with a handful of them nearing or having already reached a decade. It was also an opportunity to celebrate together with company directors and colleagues.

It’s well known the benefits of employees remaining with the one company for a longer period of time: leadership opportunities, building a reputation of dependability, creating strong and long-lasting work relationships, accessing special job benefits, accruing large amounts of knowledge that hold value within the company, and gaining expertise in a particular industry. And all this is certainly the case at Civilex where we value the contribution that our employees provide and their camaraderie to this still-feels-like-a-family-business style of culture. And that’s something you just can’t buy.

On behalf of Civilex, we warmly welcome you to The Five Year Club. Let’s hear what this milestone means for a few of the inductees:

George Markelis, HSE Manager (commenced 2011)

What does it mean being recognised for your 5+ year tenure at Civilex?
Ultimately, for me, it means there’s a great employee-employer relationship. This 5-year initiative consolidates a culture of teamwork and support across all departments and roles within the business: from Labourers to Directors. This was clearly made evident via the stories recounted amongst the 5 Year Club inductees with plenty of laughs shared between all of us at all levels within the business while reflecting on all our journey and collective experiences. This might be why the high level of commitment exists amongst so many long-serving employees – we’re APPRECIATED!

What did you like about the 5+ Year Club recognition lunch?
Food was great; you can always count on a great spread when Civilex is hosting! The atmosphere – same as above. A united and happy group, with a real sense of ownership in our diverse roles, and a feeling of mutual appreciation and respect, with a healthy network of long-term relationships. And the 5 Year Club Jackets – great quality, just the right level of statement with the badge too!

What is the greatest benefit of staying with one company for 5+ years?
It’s everything I’ve mentioned, but most importantly the long-term relationships created over these years. I’ve really been able to get to know my teammates – I feel like I work for them in a supportive environment that offers opportunities for personal growth and a sense of fulfillment and achievement.

Deanne Gibson, Construction Finance Manager (commenced 2008)

What does it mean being recognised for your 5+ year tenure at Civilex?
I cannot believe how fast the years have gone since I started with Civilex. It is great to be acknowledged by our Directors for all the years of our hard work.

What did you like about the 5+ Year Club lunch?
It was great to spend the afternoon with all my old colleagues who I don’t get to see that often as they have moved to different departments since starting here. It was great to reminisce about the old days.

What is the greatest benefit of staying with one company for 5+ years?
Seeing the company grow from the beginning and how it has completely transformed is an amazing thing to be part of. Growing and developing alongside Civilex and seeing the change in me is one of the greatest personal benefits. I really enjoy the people I work with; everyone is friendly and helpful. It helps to have a great company culture and that’s what has kept me here all these years!

Craig Hoffman, Leading Hand (commenced 2010)

What does it mean being recognised for your 5+ year tenure at Civilex?
It’s nice to know that being loyal to one company is recognised and celebrated.

What did you like about the 5+ Year Club lunch?
Lunch was great; food was delicious. It was nice to be in a relaxed environment and enjoy a couple of drinks with everyone including the Directors.

What is the greatest benefit of staying with one company for 5+ years?
It’s great being part of our company’s growth and watching it develop from the small company it was when I started eight years ago to the market leader it is today. Personally, I’ve enjoyed developing the great relationships I have along the way and having the opportunity to learn different skill sets and teaching others what I’ve learned.

Again congratulations to all of our employees on reaching this exceptional milestone.

Five Year Club Inductees for 2018:
Aaron McArthur, Ben Rossignuolo, George Markelis, Luke Spiteri, Michelle Bartolo, Olivia Bartolo, Ray Po’Ching, Scott Macur, Stuart Smart, David Scott, Deanne Gibson, Sam Scacco, Paul Brunato, and Craig Hoffman.

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