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Civilex Graduates Tour William Adams CAT

Civilex Engineering Graduates recently visited the impressive William Adams CAT (Caterpillar) Centre in Clayton with Civilex Construction Manager Jen Robertson and enjoyed a tour of the facility where plant is both built and maintained. Graduates also saw the Service Solutions Centre where information from each plant in the field is communicated to the Centre in real time, recording the location of the machinery, gauging any mechanical problems, and monitoring fuel consumption.

Civilex Engineering Graduates tour William Adams CAT L-R: front – Jen Robertson, Sanjay Sarup, Andrew Fuller; back – Mark O’Sullivan, Matthew Martin, Will Jeffers, Patrick Kemp

The (extra!) fun part of the tour was when Graduates each took their turn at operating a Roller, a Posi-Track and a 20-tonne Excavator. Interestingly, this particular excavator was fitted with new technology making it semi-automated and giving it the ability to track productivity.

Sanjay, Civilex Engineering Graduate
“The tour was great. It provided a good insight into William Adams’ relationship with Civilex and all the Graduates appreciated the high-value experience.”

The highlight! Engineering Graduate Sanjay in the driver’s seat of this 20-tonne excavator.

The Civilex Graduate’s tour included:
– An overview of the CAT facility and its growing capabilities including fluid testing, mechanical repairs and body works
– A demonstration and hands-on testing of plant – Excavator, Roller and Posi-Track
– An insight into the data analysis Caterpillar provides to Civilex for productivity tracking – fuel usage, maintenance, faults and operating characteristics/metrics
– A tour around the facility to understand the range of plant and equipment available for use on-site
– An overview of the technology CAT is implementing new machinery and how it can be used on Civilex sites (primarily automation and GPS).

Our thanks to William Adams CAT for providing our Graduates with the opportunity to better understand and experience the world of construction plant and equipment and witness the rapidly expanding future of technology in our industry.

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