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Civilex Graduate Development Program, applications close 15 April

The Civilex Graduate Development Program is a unique and flexible 2-year industry program. Designed for Graduates to be exposed to a diverse range of unique opportunities while working with one of Victoria’s leading civil construction companies.

Graduates can fast track their 2-year program to suit their learning and pace. Gaining project experience with some of the most talented players in the civil construction industry, their mentors support and encourage graduates to challenge themselves and the way they think.

Graduates hone in on their social intelligence, polish their presentation, negotiation and problem-solving skills and extend their interpersonal attributes. They’re skills integral to the nature of the work graduates will soon be involved in on a daily basis.

At its core, the Civilex Graduate Development Program is real. It’s training leant on site, with hands-on experience that can’t be learnt from textbook alone.

Our graduates are exposed to:
• Stakeholder Management
• Programming
• Survey
• Procurement
• Financial Management
• Contract Management
• Estimating
• Leadership Skills
• Communication Skills
• Negotiation Skills.

Most importantly our Graduate Development Program allows Graduates to take control of their future. They have the ability to steer their career where they want it to go. And at their own pace.

Listen to what former graduate Matt Willis shares about his experience working with Civilex.

Opportunity is awaiting. Apply here

Applications close for our Graduate Development Program on 15 April.