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Australia’s Best Infrastructure Project

Victoria’s $670M Ravenhall Prison Project was recently named Australia’s Best Infrastructure Project at the Infrastructure Partnerships Australia’s National Infrastructure Awards. These awards are convened by Infrastructure Partnerships Australia each year and recognise excellence in public administration and business across major projects. The Project of the Year is the most prestigious of the Awards.

An Infrastructure Partnerships Australia media release states:
“The Ravenhall Prison Project fundamentally transforms the way that support is provided to people in the justice system in Victoria.”

Civilex congratulates all those who were part of contributing to the transformation of Victoria’s justice system.

Civilex Project Involvement under John Holland

Civilex completed full site preparation for the state-of-the-art correctional facility with a 260,000m2 footprint. Works included large-scale bulk earthworks, pavements, drainage, combined services trenching, and structural concrete.

As Head Civil Contractor on site, Civilex’s infrastructure works area extended across the full footprint of the project requiring Civilex to work with and alongside all trades, coordinating and staging works to provide continual access to all involved. The works required preparation of more than 30 building benches in a complex staged sequence to allow all contractors to commence works and achieve critical path.

Complex Project Management

Working within a fully secured Department of Justice site had significant implications on the complexity of the project including stringent site access arrangements, prison environment restrictions, an extensive onboarding process for all personnel, and probity of the site. The complexity of the approval process involved numerous stakeholders and multiple approval layers in the client consortium. Through attentive project management, Civilex remained ahead of the program throughout the build.

Due to the scope involving more than 60 pieces of heavy earthworks equipment and significant preparation works including crane pads, piling pads, and building benches, the large-scale work required complex staging and coordination and saw activities being undertaken by over 80 different trades on site simultaneously.

Overall Project Information

The overall project was delivered under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) and was managed by GEO Group under contract to the Victorian Government. The GEO Consortium (John Holland, Honeywell and Capella Capital) was awarded the contract in September 2014 to design, build, finance and manage Ravenhall Prison. GEO is also partnering with the Kangan Institute, YMCA, and Melbourne City Mission to offer a range of rehabilitation and reintegration programs that will help prepare prisoners for a positive and productive life upon release.

The Ravenhall Prison Project is a stellar example of the evolution of the PPP model in Australia and shows what can be achieved when the public and private sectors collaborate to achieve good outcomes. Civilex is proud to have delivered the civil works component of the project under John Holland.

The Minister for Corrections Gayle Tierney officially opened Victoria’s 15th prison – the Ravenhall Correctional Centre in October 2017.

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