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Acknowledging Safety at Civilex

The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, subcontractors and the communities in which we work are integral to the way we operate. It’s a core value of the Civilex business. Safety above all else drives the behaviours that underpin our positive safety culture of “no harm”. We live by our mantra – safe today to enjoy tomorrow – reinforcing the importance of safety, ensuring all employees return home safe and sound to their family and friends. At Civilex, we encourage employees to speak about safety, identify unsafe practices or actions, inspire others to do the right thing and maintain safe working environments.

We are proud to acknowledge the outstanding safety actions of Civilex team members and share the choices made and extra steps taken that ultimately resulted in positive outcomes. Civilex would like to share two recent examples of proactive choices made by site staff to intervene and uphold company values and highlight the importance of being safe all of the time.

For their initiative and leadership, the Civilex Excellence in Safety Award for April 2018 is awarded to Darren Quinlan and Trent Delbridge.

Darren Quinlan
Civilex General Supervisor – Toyota Test Track Project
Darren displayed safety leadership, which is also reflective of the project team’s safety culture. Darren identified an at-risk safety scenario when a transport company attempted to unload a large stack of steel reinforcement without suitable safety controls in place. The methodology proposed by the delivery driver presented a fall from height risk (unavailability of fall protection or handrails, dunnage separating the stack to apply lifting equipment from a safe level or pre-slung sections). As a result, Darren requested the delivery driver to return to the site when appropriate safety controls were in place.

L-R: Darren Quinlan, Joe Glenn, Stuart Smart, Billy Dando, Alex Schmidt

Trent Delbridge
Civilex Labourer – Melbourne Airport Parking and Forecourt Optimisation Project
Trent exhibited several Civilex company values when he intervened as two subcontracted site workers prepared to climb on top of a ute tray. The workers’ intent was to use the tray as a platform to complete an installation of a steel 2.5m long overhead height bar. Trent advised that this method presented a fall from height risk and that there was more suitable equipment available to complete the task in the compound. He then assisted them to complete their works safely.

L-R: Scott Macur and Trent Delbridge

Coincidentally the common theme in both safety incidents was a fall from height risk, and it was through the initiatives of Darren and Trent that prevented potential risk of serious injury.

We commend and acknowledge our high safety achievers for their contributions and recognise that the challenge always is to raise the bar in regards to safety at all times.

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