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Acknowledging Safety at Civilex

The health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees, subcontractors and the communities in which we work are integral to the way we operate. It’s a core value of the Civilex business. Safety above all else drives the behaviours that underpin our positive safety culture of no harm. We live by our mantra – safe today to enjoy tomorrow – reinforcing the importance of safety, ensuring all employees return home safe and sound to their family and friends. At Civilex, we encourage employees to speak about safety, identify unsafe practices or actions, inspire others to do the right thing and maintain safe working environments.

We are proud to acknowledge the outstanding safety actions of Civilex team members and share the choices made and extra steps taken that ultimately resulted in positive outcomes. Civilex would like to share recent examples of proactive choices made by site staff to intervene and uphold our company values and highlight the importance of being safe all of the time.

For their initiative and leadership, the Civilex Excellence in Safety Award for August 2018 is awarded to three people this month – Anthony Curtin (Civilex), Matthew Hill (Jans Contracting), and Peter Brown (ASA Personnel).

Civilex Safety Award recipients for August L-R: Peter Brown, Anthony Curtin and Matthew Hill. Congratulations.

Anthony Curtin
Civilex Leading Hand – Metro Tunnel Early Works Project – NEPS Parkville
As part of the Metro Tunnel Early Works Project, Anthony was required to replace the roof panels of a bus shelter with solar panels. Completing these works safely proved challenging due to a low hanging overhead electrical cable (directly above the bus shelter) and traffic management constraints within the immediate area. With the mobile scaffold platform requiring positioning to mitigate these hazards, Anthony sourced an extendable drill bit with a 90-degree bend. Anthony’s innovative and quick-thinking approach enabled him to remove and replace the centre screws in the middle of the bus shelter roof without any risk exposure to the overhead cable or a fall hazard. Well done Anthony.

Matthew Hill (Jans Contracting) and Peter Brown (ASA Personnel)
CD9 Project – Noble Park Station
Matthew Hill and Peter Brown were part of a two-man team completing works on the CD9 Noble-Park Station Project. These works involved mechanical excavation adjacent to high-voltage electrical services. As part of their assessment of the works area, Matthew and Peter noted that the service markers (upright conduits) did not match the alignment detailed on excavation permit plans. Matthew and Peter excavated the area by hand to verify their information. By doing so they uncovered four additional live electrical services which were not identified on the documentation and within the alignment of what would have been their trench. Their discovery was reported, and a safe system of work revised. Together, their scrutiny and proactive approach ensured their safety as well as the safety of those around them. Well done Matthew and Peter.

We commend our high safety achievers for their contributions and recognise that the challenge is always to raise the bar in regards to safety at all times.

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