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A Dynamic Civilex Project – Part 1

It’s Trivia Friday and we have a special Who Am I?

I am 26 metres long by 3.5 metres wide and I weigh two tonnes. I bring information to life in new and exciting ways. My meticulous planning has endured for a year and the safety aspects surrounding my arrival and installation have been paramount. I am made from a combination of steel, wires and LED modules and I’m commonly seen at airports, universities, stadiums and many other busy hubs, helping people to navigate their way through the masses. I can connect to and centrally control large, disparate systems, yet I can also tailor content and messages to specific locations. I originated in Perth, have travelled across the Nullarbor and I am currently in Melbourne covering a three-lane high-use road six metres off the ground.

Any guesses?

I am G2 – more commonly known as Melbourne Airport’s new Dynamic Digital Sign on Terminal Drive.

Watch this short video of the sign’s arrival into Melbourne Airport – you’ll get a sense of its enormity.

Civilex Dynamic Signage Project

Civilex has been engaged to deliver works for APAM (Australia Pacific Airports Corporation) at Melbourne Airport for the development, installation, and commissioning of two variable message signs mounted on new gantry sites. The new signage will provide digital lane allocation on Terminal Drive.

The works also include changing two existing static signs within the lower forecourt, removing existing signs and lane marking changes.

Civilex Senior Project Engineer Rhys Hannan is the Project Lead at Melbourne Airport and has been hands-on in the various stages of this amazing project – from planning right through to execution – claiming it has been a highlight of his engineering career to date. “Seeing a one-of-a-kind screen of that magnitude firstly arrive on site in the middle of the night, be attached to a gantry truss and then lifted into the air by a 130-tonne crane in a busy airport…well, it’s just hard to explain how rewarding it is to actually witness that!” I think the words Rhys might be looking for is ‘simply amazing’.

Civilex looks forward to sharing follow up Melbourne Airport project posts on the team behind the successful Dynamic Signage lift of two Melbourne Airport gantries, as well as the journey from warehouse to lifting to its everyday functional use. Stay tuned!

The Dynamic Digital Signage Statistics of G2:

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