Civilex has changed its name to Symal.

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Sod Turn at Aylesbury Drive Altona. New Civilex Office Development

Today marks a special day for Civilex as we commence stage 1 works at Aylesbury Drive, Altona. This will be the location for the new Civilex office development. The works will occur in 2 phases. Stage 1 consists of 12 smaller warehouses located on the eastern side of our 24,000m2 supersite. We estimate that Stage 1 works will be completed 3 months ahead of the proposed 7 month program, with Stage 2 works commencing in April 2017. Stage 2 works involve the construction of the new Civilex offices, warehouse and plant yard.

With the overall design almost completed and our attention on finishing touches, we are very excited to see it all coming together. We have focused on engineering a superior working environment for our staff that promotes health, wellness and sustainability. Consideration has been given to the types of building materials to be used. The walls will consist of recycled materials where possible, including in-situ concrete walls, floor to ceiling glass to allow natural light and airflow and polished concrete floors to complete the space. For added tranquillity and a sense of calmness, an indoor garden will be a feature of the new supersite. To boost staff health and wellbeing and support a happy culture, a range of amenities including a fully functioning gym, large chef’s kitchen and meals area, relaxed courtyard equipped with BBQ and outdoor seating, half basketball court and landscaped lawn area have been incorporated with employees in mind. More unique spaces include quiet rooms, relaxation areas, games room and training areas.