Civilex Allen Reservoir Dam Milestones achieved, visit by NEW Civilex BBQ Truck

Civilex always work hard to exceed client expectations, and after recently achieving two major project milestones the Allen Reservoir Project Team are certainly testament to this. Milestones achieved were:
1) Establishing access to the concrete works, and
2) Installing the outlet trench and removing the lower tier dewatering.
Both milestones are critical to the Allen Reservoir Project – their on-time completion mitigates a large portion of the project risk which was associated with groundwater inflow during excavation works. In particular, removal of the lower tier dewatering has rounded out the deepest excavation in what was expected to be the most challenging ground conditions on site.
Civilex are proud both milestones were completed on time, and to the highest safety standard.
After a challenging start, the Project Team welcomed the celebrations, and thoroughly enjoyed the new Civilex BBQ Truck’s inaugural visit! Well done to everyone involved!

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RAAF Base East Sale, Pilot Training Facility nearing completion

Civilex is proud of their involvement in the East Sale RAAF Base Pilot Training Facility project. This benchmark project in the Greater Gippsland region was both dynamic and challenging, and the Civilex Project Team’s management of multiple stakeholders was fundamental to the project’s success. All works were undertaken within a live airfield, in a fully operational RAAF base. The Project Team’s exceptional communication skills, careful planning and organisation ensured all safety requirements were exceeded, in addition to the client’s expectations. Civilex congratulates the East Sale RAAF Base PTF Project Team in achieving the highest quality of finishes.

Civilex were engaged under subcontract to Laing O’Rourke to deliver the $30M civil pavement and service package for the East Sale RAAF Base PTF. Major components of Civilex’s scope included 26,630 square metres of airfield concrete; construction of a $1.8M AFFF management system; 39,000 square metres of asphalt airfield pavement; installation of five treatment tanks; contaminated groundwater management; construction of landside pavements; and access roads and drainage works.

As part of their scope of works Civilex were required to completed several deep excavations – with some up to seven metres below ground level. To maximise safety the Project Team conducted planning sessions with all workers involved in the construction and management of the high-risk excavation work. From a collective conversation with labourers, excavator drivers and foreman, it was decided that an interlocking sheet pile wall methodology was the safest and most structurally thorough methodology for the works.

The ground water contained PFAS contaminates and as such the water table also required careful monitoring and management during excavation. To achieve this, spears were used and water was pumped into 21 holding tanks, tested and transported to an Oakleigh treatment facility. This methodology proved very successful and was repeated for the installation of each of the five treatment tanks.

Concrete works also formed a major component of the scope, including the construction of a huge concrete airfield to house 28 aircraft. Prior to pouring the concrete, completion of drainage, water, fire, AGL lighting and footings were required, followed by a cement-treated prep layer involving detailed thickenings within a 5mm tolerance. Sealing was undertaken, followed by concrete works.

In the early stages of the project two concrete placement crews were working adjacent to one another, with a truck arriving to service each crew every 15 minutes. Careful planning of truck movements was crucial to ensure the on-ground crew remained safe, and the previously poured concrete was protected. A testing station was on site along with a full-time testing crew to ensure all quality requirements were achieved.

The East Sale RAAF Base Pilot Training Facility Project is yet another Civilex project completed on time, under budget, and exceeding safety standards.

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Civilex kicks off 2018 with Osars.

Work to commence mid January on OSAR Western Package Project.
Civilex will commence Early Works mid January on Package 01 : Palmers and Dunning Roads. A Feature Survey, Service Identification and Geo Technical Investigation that will finalize the Design Documentation. With turning of soil in April 2018.
Former automotive workers, cadets, trainees, apprentices and local firms will share in work building and maintaining the revamped road network. The upgrades and ongoing maintenance will cut congestion on these key arterial roads, remove bottlenecks and provide more efficient freight routes to keep trucks off local roads.

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In 2017, Civilex put in one of the most outstanding team performances seen for FOOTY COLOURS DAY. A second-year participant, Civilex raised our fundraising total from $550 in 2016 to a premiership winning $15,093 in 2017 – a phenomenal effort.
“The day was a big hit on our construction site in Pakenham and once we got the online page going, we really started to gain some momentum and everyone jumped on board! Thirty-six related businesses and individuals really got behind the cause and contributed to our fantastic overall result.”
We showed our true colours this year, raising enough money to provide young learners with access to smart technology to help them stay in touch with their school while they receive treatment for cancer.
Civilex look forward to going, bigger and better next year!

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OSAR Western package, Netflow Consortium preferred supplier, Civilex is a key player

Barbara Cortese, the star of recent press conference with Premier Daniel Andrews, Minister for Industry & Employment Ben Carroll and Minister for Roads & Road Safety Luke Donnellan. Barbara shared her fantastic story in civil construction and discussed her further training & development through Civilex’s apprenticeship and trainee program.
For the OSAR Western package, the Netflow Consortium is the preferred supplier. Civilex will be a key player. The press conference and tour was held at Victoria Polytechnic, where more than 120 trainees, cadets and apprentices will be trained to work on the Western Roads Upgrade. Former automotive workers, cadets, trainees, apprentices and local firms will share in work building and maintaining the revamped road network.
The $1.8 billion project is one of the biggest-ever upgrades to Melbourne’s suburban road network and will deliver a combination of road widening, duplications and intersection upgrades to fix eight congested roads in Melbourne’s west over the next five years.

Candice Wyatt, Channel TEN and Barbara Cortese.

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Civilex construction of final stages of MAP Jet Base

Civilex have commenced construction of the final stages of the aircraft apron pavements at the futuristic MAP Jet Base with concrete pavements continuing to be placed this month. There is a total of 20,000 square metres of aircraft pavements to construct with concrete depths of up to 480mm and over 6,000 cubic metres of specialized aircraft pavement concrete to be imported. Concreting works are due to be completed before the Christmas holidays. Australia’s first curfew-free purpose-built private jet will be a world-class facility.

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Civilex awarded Berwick & Strathmore Railway Station Carpark Upgrade Projects

Civilex is proud to have secured the contract to significantly expand the capacity of both Railway station carparks. The projects will involve constructing new sealed commuter parking spaces that will improve accessibility and enhance safety through new lighting, CCTV and signage. Both projects are part of the Victorian Government’s $20 million commitment to fund provide up to 2100 new sealed car park spaces at 16 stations on railway lines experiencing high growth in passenger numbers.

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Your moustache makes a difference

Trucker, regent, connoisseur or wisp – no matter the shape or style of your Mo this Movember, your face can inspire donations, conversations and real change. Men are facing a health crisis that isn’t being talked about. They are dying too young, before their time. The money raised goes towards funding for important research and to support projects aimed to tackle prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Many Civilex staff members are taking action this Movember, by growing moustaches for men’s health. Go to https://moteam.co/civilex-modiggers to donate and support this great cause.

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Civilex awarded Altona Toyota Product Knowledge Centre Project

Civilex had been awarded the Toyota Product Knowledge Centre Project. Which includes the construction of the PKC driving course, feature roads as well as all civil, excavation, drainage works, landscaping and wetlands. Toyota will also continue a presence at the Altona site by establishing a Centre of Excellence that will continue to provide innovation skills and manufacturing knowledge to local companies. This will be Toyota’s legacy to Melbourne’s west.

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Civilex awarded Melbourne Airport Lane Allocation project

A project to design & construct digital lane allocation screens with variable message signs. It’s a significant project for Melbourne Airport, to assist with the management of vehicles arriving to the Airport. The use of the digital lane allocation technology will enable traffic demand to be spread across Departures Drive and the lower forecourt, to improve possible congestion during the peak times. It involves a complex stakeholder engagement process with works being carried out on the main entry roadway to the Melbourne Airport and provide flexibility to make other lane allocation changes to suit various construction phases over the next two year critical construction period.

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Civilex awarded the Allen Reservoir Dam Safety Upgrade for Barwon Water

Barwon Water is Victoria’s largest regional urban water corporation providing world class water, recycled water and sewerage services. This major water infrastructure project marks a significant step for Civilex in this space. The works involve the major upgrade of the existing earthen dam, increasing the dam’s capacity by raising the dam crest and upgrading and significantly increasing the capacity of the existing concrete spill way, providing flood protection for the township of Lorne.

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Civilex Pakenham HCMT Project Bulk Earthworks phase approaching completion.

Works progressing well on the High Capacity Metro Trains Project.

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Civilex and The Gordon TAFE : Civil Construction Awareness Day 2017

Major civil contractor Civilex Victoria partnered with The Gordon TAFE who specialise in providing training in the civil and construction industries to bring awareness and insight to 50 local school students in the Western suburbs about the diverse career pathways in the civil construction sector.

On Thursday 27th July, ‘Civil Construction Awareness Day 2017’ provided students with an opportunity to hear the unique journeys of both the Managing Director of Civilex, Joe Bartolo and HSEQ Manager George Markelis, explaining how they worked their way into successful careers in the civil industry. The Gordon TAFE enabled the students to explore their training facilities and equipment while providing valuable information about the training options available such as apprenticeships in Civil Construction and traineeships. Students also heard from one of Civilex’s highly experienced civil leading hands, Luke Gaunt who explained a day in the life of a plant operator. We would like to express our gratitude to The Gordon TAFE and to Komastu for kindly providing Civilex with an excavator to support the students learning in these workshops.

Civilex Managing Director Joe said “Days like today are an important part of increasing awareness and employment in the Civil industry. There is a current skill shortage that will only worsen if we don’t promote the Civil industry and the training students need to access to enable them to join such a booming and exciting industry.”

Currently the civil and construction industries are considered key economic indicators and two of the largest employers in the country. There are more than 70 different careers available in the construction and civil industries covering a wide range of professional, trade and skilled occupations.

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Mount Gellibrand Windfarm Progress Update

The Mount Gellibrand Windfarm is situated 20km west of Winchelsea at the foot of the historic Mt Gellibrand. WCJV’s scope at the project includes 44 132 MW wind turbine generator foundations and a total of 28 kilometres of access roads. The turbine footings contain a total of 49 tons of steel reinforcement and 360 cubic metres of concrete, which is batched on site at the mobile batch plant. Currently the joint venture has completed approx. 12 kilometres of road construction and exceeded targets by completing 3 foundation main pours last week alone. Short snapshot progress video below.

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Students at Newport Gardens Primary School plant 100 trees to celebrate Earth Day

The event was an initiative of Civilex Victoria who, together with Kings Landscaping, donated 100 Illawarra Flame Trees to the school and spent the morning teaching students how to plant, maintain and nurture their tree.

Students were joined by Mayor of Hobsons Bay City Council, Cr Sandra Wilson; Newport Gardens Primary School Principal, Simon McGlade; Managing Director of Civilex Victoria, Joe Bartolo; and Director from Kings Landscaping, Chris Drew.

Cr Sandra Wilson, Joe Bartolo and Simon McGlade kicked off the day’s festivities, encouraging students and their families to celebrate World Earth Day and recognise the importance of climate and environmental education.

“It is important for children within our community to be engaged and empowered when it comes to the environment, to set up the foundation for a healthy and sustainable future,” said Cr Wilson.

“Equally, it is vital to build sustainability within our community to benefit families and their children for many years to come. This is a major focus in our community vision, Hobsons Bay 2030.”

“The activities today focused on reinforcing their lessons about sustainability and how to be the best environmental ambassadors they can be,” said Principal Simon McGlade.

Joe Bartolo concluded that “This event was made possible by our team who are all determined to leave a positive legacy in Melbourne’s West and to all Victorians in terms of local community benefits, quality infrastructure and enhancing the skills of future generations. Through partnering with Newport Gardens and Kings Landscaping, Civilex was able to continue its commitment to the community and looks forward to more opportunities to make a difference in the future.”

Although it was one of the coldest days on record for April, it couldn’t dampen the spirits of the children and their families of Newport Gardens. The day was pronounced a resounding success by all involved.

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Civilex partners with WBHO Infrastructure to deliver the Mount Gellibrand Wind Farm

Civilex Victoria is proud to be a part of this exciting new project to develop our country’s natural energy sources.

The Mt Gellibrand windfarm is located within the Colac Otway Shire Council. The wind site area forms an ‘L’ shape and is positioned to the west and south of the landform known as ‘Mount Gellibrand’. The land on which the proposed wind farm is located consists of eight privately owned properties, primary used for livestock grazing and cropping. The wind farm is dispersed over an area of approximately 25 square kilometres that will continue to be used for grazing and cropping during the operation of the windfarm.

Acciona Energy Oceania Construction have contracted Civilex and WBHO (WCJV) to deliver the associated civil works including the turbine foundations. Works are due to commence later this month with a proposed completion date of December 2017.

The Civilex/WBHO scope includes:
• Construction of approximately 27km internal access roads.
• Construction of approximately 500m of associated drainage lines.
• Construction of approximately 92,000m of Turbine hardstand area
• Approximately 16,000m3 of structural concrete associated with the turbine foundations.
• Reconstruction of approximately 5.1km of Mooleric Rd.

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Civilex Wins Civil Works at the High Capacity Metro Train Maintenance Facility

On 21 November 2016, the Victorian Government entered into a Public Private Partnership to deliver the High Capacity Metro Trains Project. Under this model, the consortium will be responsible for the design, construction, maintenance and financing of 65 High Capacity Metro Trains and a range of ancillary activities to support this, including construction of a new High Capacity Metro Train Maintenance Facility in Pakenham.  Civilex will be conducting an early works package with further scope details in project snapshot

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Civilex to Redevelop the Biomedical Science Building at Monash University

Civilex Victoria has secured the Biomedical Learning & Teaching Building (BLTB) Early Works Package at Monash University, Clayton. The package is part of the overall BLTB project which aims to improve the existing amenities and accommodate for the expansion of the department. Once complete, the school of Biomedical Science will span over 6 levels with state of art facilities to best prepare the graduates to make a difference in people’s lives by understanding disease better and how we can control, cure and prevent it.

Civilex will mobilise to site shortly and commence works in late January, with an anticipated completion in June 2017. The preliminary works include the demolition of two buildings, realignment of the existing road network, realignment of existing services including gas, sewer, recycled water, potable water, HV & LV. The building works also require the modification to the existing building 13 which includes internal concrete works, capping and modification to existing services and salvaging of existing material to reconstruct the double storey building opening.

The project team is eager to get started and pave the foundations for an important new project which will promote breakthroughs in Biomedical Science at one of the largest and most successful medical research hubs in Australia. In collaboration with DCWC & Monash University, we look forward to many successful project outcomes.

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Civilex Leading the Way in Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project

Civilex are one of the first companies to have secured a contract on the Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel Project. Starting at La Trobe Street on one of Melbourne’s busiest thoroughfares in the CBD, this package kick-starts the enabling works for the revolutionary rail development.

With construction already underway, Civilex is focussed on delivering this package of works to the highest safety standards. We care about the community and key stakeholders and aim to minimise disruption to both transport and pedestrian access during the relocation of the existing infrastructure. We endeavour to make the transition as seamless as possible for all affected by the works.

Civilex are due to complete preparation of the precinct by April 2017, with six more precincts across the city to undergo similar works in the coming months.

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Civilex Showing Force at the BRW Triathlon

Congratulations to all staff that participated in the recent BRW Corporate Triathlon. 27 Civilex staff participated in the event with amazing results. It was great to see so many dedicated team members push themselves to complete the event.

A special thanks to Matt Gurney for organising the event, all those who participated and to those that showed support on the day, Civilex looks forward to a bigger and better turn out next year.

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Welcome To Our New Civilex Staff

We are delighted to welcome 23 new staff members to the Civilex business. We are excited about this record month of employment and believe this exceptional growth is a testament to our outstanding performance. To all the following new employees, we wish you a long and happy future with Civilex.

Kerry Leung – Accountant
Michael Spiteri – HSEQ Manager
Kris Bogdanovski – Asset and Logistics Manager
Paul Brunato – Building Supervisor
Yuriy Martiros – Estimator
Mitchell McWhinney – Site Engineer
Sean Maye – Surveyor
Alex Duncan – Estimator
Victoria Eresjo – Accounts Payable Administrator
Alex Schmidt – Student Engineer
Cameron Warren – Student Engineer
Andre Raffo – Student Engineer
Jace Browne – Student Engineer
David Taylor – Site Supervisor
Daniel McKay – Project Engineer
Daniel Anthony – Grader Operator
Lloyd Claxton – Grader Operator
Marucs Whelan – Labourer
Corey Audsley – Labourer
Trent Delbridge – Labourer
Matt Oats – Labourer
Rhys Stevens – Labourer
Brayden Donnelly – Labourer

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Sod Turn at Aylesbury Drive Altona. New Civilex Office Development

Today marks a special day for Civilex as we commence stage 1 works at Aylesbury Drive, Altona. This will be the location for the new Civilex office development. The works will occur in 2 phases. Stage 1 consists of 12 smaller warehouses located on the eastern side of our 24,000m2 supersite. We estimate that Stage 1 works will be completed 3 months ahead of the proposed 7 month program, with Stage 2 works commencing in April 2017. Stage 2 works involve the construction of the new Civilex offices, warehouse and plant yard.

With the overall design almost completed and our attention on finishing touches, we are very excited to see it all coming together. We have focused on engineering a superior working environment for our staff that promotes health, wellness and sustainability. Consideration has been given to the types of building materials to be used. The walls will consist of recycled materials where possible, including in-situ concrete walls, floor to ceiling glass to allow natural light and airflow and polished concrete floors to complete the space. For added tranquillity and a sense of calmness, an indoor garden will be a feature of the new supersite. To boost staff health and wellbeing and support a happy culture, a range of amenities including a fully functioning gym, large chef’s kitchen and meals area, relaxed courtyard equipped with BBQ and outdoor seating, half basketball court and landscaped lawn area have been incorporated with employees in mind. More unique spaces include quiet rooms, relaxation areas, games room and training areas.

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RAAF Base East Sale, Contract Secured

Civilex Victoria is proud to have secured the $25M contract with Laing O’Rourke for the civil component of works at the RAAF Base in Sale. The works include provision of construction access to site and temporary hangar arrangement to store the 10 aircrafts, which have been ordered by the Department of Defence. As well as this, there are various permanent works including the flight line shelter pavements, taxiway pavements, car parks and access roads. This is a sizeable and prominent job for Civilex to win, and we look forward to commencing works on the project, and continuing to develop our equally rewarding relationship with the Department of Defence.

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Melbourne Airport Jet Base, Contract Secured

Civilex are pleased to have just now secured a substantial project with a new client, Hutchinsons Builders. We are looking forward to commencing works on this project, which encompasses construction of a new hangar for Private Jets and excavation for a new building. Works will involve construction of concrete aprons, earthworks, asphalting, and landscaping. Another new client to welcome to our Civilex family, we look forward to building a strong and equally rewarding relationship with Hutchinsons Builders.

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Contract Secured for Junction Oval

Civilex are delighted to have once again secured a contract with Cockrams, building on our rewarding relationship. The project consists of the construction of a brand new Oval and Car Park, as well as a new footpath and drainage system. Another Oval Construction win for Civilex, as we continue to impress with our previous Oval experience.

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Company Turnover

Civilex celebrated a record year within the company in terms of growth and turnover, whilst maintaining a strong profit margin.  With staff numbers growing from 60 to 100, we are excited about this growth and are looking to continue on this path and to secure more work with top tier clients.

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McKimmies Road Shutdown

Civilex are thrilled with the outcome achieved in the McKimmies Road shutdown over the weekend. The complete road rehabilitation occurred between 6:30pm Friday night and 3:30am Monday morning. Civilex have been praised for the way the shutdown was managed and want to thank everyone who was involved as there were some long shifts and lots of hard work but the end result looks fantastic.

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Caulfield Grammar Contract Secured

Civilex are delighted to have recently secured a large project with a new client, Caulfield Grammar. We are excited about this project which encompasses two new maintenance facility buildings, creating an access road to the main road, constructing new retaining walls, updating their carpark, along with their landscaping. Another new client to welcome to the Civilex fold, we look forward to building a strong and equally rewarding relationship with Caulfield Grammar.

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Civilex Eighth Birthday Celebrations

The champagne was flowing when Civilex recently celebrated their 8th birthday. In just eight short years, Civilex have grown into a market leader with an annual turnover of $60M plus, and have successfully created a name for themselves as a company that delivers what they promise. Civilex took this opportunity to revel in what has been a tremendous eight years for the young company, and had a night of fun with all staff. The Directors would like to take this chance to thank our staff for all their hard work and contributions in helping create and grow the Civilex name. We look forward to the next eight years and just how far we can go.

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New Employees

Civilex are happy to announce four new members to the Civilex Team. Due to rapid growth in our company, we have recently added a new Estimator and Project Manager to the fold, to support the every growing workload. As well as this, Civilex have created two new roles; Business Development Manager and Estimating Assistant. We are excited to have a Business Development Manager on-board to liaise with our existing clients and to develop and foster new relationships, and assist with increasing the amount of projects we receive. Our new Estimating Assistant role was created to assist the Estimators with the increasing volume of Tenders we are submitting, and to ensure that the quality of the tenders delivered is of the highest standard. We wish all four new team members a long and successful career with Civilex.

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Eureka Stadium

In conjunction with Pitchcraft, Civilex recently undertook the redevelopment of Eureka Stadium Ovals located in Ballarat, which come 2017, will be used in AFL matches. The revitalised facility boasts over 5,000 undercover seats, and a total stadium capacity for over 11,000 spectators; and besides being realigned in a now North-East to South-West orientation, the stadium also incorporates enhanced drainage and irrigation systems. The new home to the Western Bulldogs, Eureka Stadium is considered a great success for Civilex.

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Soccer Match – Deakin University

Civilex recently achieved practical completion at the sports oval precinct for Deakin University. Civilex was awarded the head contract to construct a high profile sporting precinct that would cater for an extensive range of sports including athletics, soccer, football, cricket and baseball to name a few. The sporting precinct comprises of a variety of playing surfaces to encompass the varying array of sports that are played there. The precinct effortlessly combines natural turf with synthetic grass, acrylic with synthetic rubber. Deakin University were remarkably impressed with what Civilex delivered, feeling we surpassed their expectations in every facet of the project.  Deakin University, being so satisfied with the work, invited the Civilex team for a friendly, but competitive, game of soccer on the new field. The turf was fresh, and spirits high, as the Deakin University team and the Civilex team went head to head on the brand new soccer field. The game was close with Civilex getting a close win over the client. The day was a great success, with everyone feeling pleased about the job that had been done there.

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Conset and Civilex support for the inaugural Bully Zero Australian Foundation

As part of our commitment to the local community, Conset and Civilex management and staff attended the inaugural Bully Zero Australia Foundation Charity Ball. This foundation aims to promote zero tolerance to the culture of bullying. Conset and Civilex are proud to be supporters of this event.

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New office development Conset and Civilex

With the rapid expansion of Conset and Civilex, a new facility is being planned to house the head office and yard. We have recently purchased land in Altona and building will commence shortly. Our new home is expected to house our construction teams and equipment, and reflects our business strategy for growth in coming years.

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Civilex announces Melbourne Knights Football Sponsorship

Civilex is pleased to announce our sponsorship of the Melbourne Knights Football. As part of the National Premier League, the Club is well regarded in the sporting community.

Joe Bartolo, Managing Director Civilex announced “We are proud to be a local business supporting the local community”.

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