Acknowledging Safety at Civilex

The health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees, subcontractors and the communities in which we work are integral to the way we operate. It’s a core value of the Civilex business. Safety above all else drives the behaviours that underpin our positive safety culture of “no harm”. We live by our mantra – safe today to enjoy tomorrow – reinforcing the importance of safety, ensuring all employees return home safe and sound to their family and friends. At Civilex, we encourage employees to speak about safety, identify unsafe practices or actions, inspire others to do the right thing and maintain safe working environments.

We are proud to acknowledge the outstanding safety actions of Civilex team members and share the choices made and extra steps taken that ultimately resulted in positive outcomes. Civilex would like to share two recent examples of proactive choices made by site staff to intervene and uphold company values and highlight the importance of being safe all of the time.

For their initiative and leadership, the Civilex Excellence in Safety Award for June 2018 is awarded to Civilex Operator Daniel Bye and Civilex Labourer Aidan McInerney.

At Civilex we are proud to acknowledge our outstanding team members and share the stories behind the safe choices made and/or the extra steps taken which result in positive outcomes for all.

CD9 – Clayton Train Station Project

Team members Daniel Bye and Aidan McInerney were part of a Civilex two-person team completing night shift works during a challenging occupation at the CD9 – Clayton Train Station project. These works involved the demolition and removal of concrete light-pole footings in the forecourt area where they were surrounded by other trades completing their own tasks.

The pair risk assessed their work scope in proximity to the surrounding workgroups and established further protection measures – temporary fence with additional protective screens around their already limited work zone – to ensure any nearby workers would not be impacted by flying debris from the footing demolition.

Daniel and Aidan displayed and demonstrated Civilex’s core values of safety, respect and culture when they raised the standard to protect all people working around them.

We congratulate our high achieving team members and recognise that once again the challenge has been set to raise the bar for a safe working environment for all. At all times being safe today to enjoy tomorrow.

Also, read our previous post – Civilex Excellence in Safety Award for April
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What ‘Christmas in July’ has to do with Culture

What is it that makes a company a great place to work? On the surface a lot of us tend to focus on the brand value of an organisation, closely followed by the remuneration paid to its employees. But in today’s world, what was so often overlooked in the past, is now at the forefront of candidates’ and employees minds: work culture.

It’s a buzzword we hear on a daily basis. Culture is an intangible ideology embedded like code which now often plays a deciding factor in attracting, retaining and building loyalty from employees to an organisation. But it can be shaped and defined more tangibly when organisational leaders design the culture they want to experience in their organisation. Overall a great work culture encourages its employees to behave like they’re family and have each other’s back. And it derives from senior leadership walking the talk.

Listen to Managing Director Joe Bartolo share his role in the design and shaping of the culture at Civilex as he takes us on a tour of the new Spotswood head office.

As a prospective or current employee, whatever demographics or role you occupy, the Civilex group of companies (see our previous web post Our New Line Up) ticks a lot of the boxes as an ‘employer of choice’ in the civil and construction industries:

The Civilex Group’s Cultural Code
What Joe touches on in his office tour is the “plus more” on the above list, which is where culture gets interesting and sets a great company apart from the others. The Civilex Group values its employees and provides employees with an office and work environment they actually like coming to as well as spending social time together. Social activities develop interpersonal relationships that co-workers build outside the office. It’s not just a time to play: they strengthen bonds, break down barriers between peers, departments, and teams. Civilex believes in this so much that Joe and his team have shaped what culture can look like. Take for example our social calendar – introduced last year that locks in work-free days, welcome BBQs, and work social dates for all employees to enjoy.

These range from getting a paid day off work for your birthday, to adding an extra RDO onto a public holiday to make it an even longer weekend (yes you heard correctly!). There’s also social gatherings within the office that occur at any time of the day – like a game of pool with the Estimating Team, or a quick game of table tennis outside with one of the Project Managers, or a comfy leather lounge to relax in whilst you take a call (they’re some of the “Google-style” items at head office). We also socialise outside the walls of the head office and schedule special celebrations – such as a Christmas in July event with our families (it’s true – we are a real family-oriented culture).

Our Christmas in July
This year Civilex group staff and their families were treated to lunch at the Melbourne Zoo and a surprise visit from Santa (bearing gifts for the kids!).

And all we had to do was turn up and enjoy the day.

There really are organisations – the Civilex group being one – that truly value the way people feel each and every day at work and these culture valuing companies work hard to create ties among their employees. If you think about it, and research backs it up, it makes complete business sense to invest in employees and establish a positive workplace culture that keeps staff engaged and promotes greater collaboration and communication. Such an investment not only impacts on productivity but employees go home each day happier and more satisfied, which also has a ripple effect on families and friends.

And having an employer that organises, flips the bill and truly values social outings with employees’ families is the best tick of approval that could be on any candidate’s list.

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Join Our Team

We’re hiring! Civilex is seeking to fill the role of Training and Compliance Coordinator.

If you want to work in a dynamic civil construction team based at our new Spotswood head office then apply now.

Please apply for this role on our Human Resource Department website.

Good luck!

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Our New Line Up

2018 may be half over, but with some exciting announcements to share at Civilex it feels like just the beginning. We are delighted to announce a new era for our growing construction family with a new line up of companies in our fold: Civilex, Conset, and Grampians Excavations.

Existing as “cousin entities” for over a decade, Civilex and Conset have now formally merged, with Civilex also acquiring Stawell-based company Grampians Excavations. The consolidation of these three entities better positions our company for growth within the state and civil engineering and construction industries.

So, What Has Changed?
In July 2018 Civilex announced additions and developments to the Directorship of its associated business entities.

No one left. Everyone came on board.

Conset – a full structure concrete construction services business – has merged with civil construction company Civilex. The two Civilex Directors Ray Dando and Andrew Fairbairn have formally come on board as Directors of the Conset entity, whilst Joe Bartolo remains as Managing Director. Conset now has access to more resources which will allow the concrete business to grow and expand its wings into the civil space to participate in higher-end infrastructure projects across Victoria.

As previously published on our website and in a recent Press Release, all three Directors – Joe Bartolo, Ray Dando, and Andrew Fairbairn – acquired the Stawell-based Grampians Excavations with founding Director Jim Leithhead retaining a 25% shareholding in the Grampians business. This strategic acquisition gives the group a greater regional reach and expertise.

Managing Director Joe Bartolo says, “We are excited about our future and will continue working hard to create and consolidate our high-performance culture that delivers projects on time, on budget and to the highest standard. We really want to welcome all our employees working across the three entities into our shared company culture and values, and ultimately become one team.”

So, although it is now past the halfway mark for 2018, within the walls of the Civilex family this new line up really does mark a new beginning. Civilex is growing bigger and stronger, and the quality services we offer our clients reflect this. From our humble beginnings in 2008 to where we are now, Civilex has proven itself to be a company to watch. So, just keep watching.

Follow our journey on LinkedIn:
Civilex | Conset | Grampians Excavations
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Murra Warra Wind Farm: Project Launchpad

Leading Melbourne-based civil contractor Civilex is currently working in the regional north-western Victorian township of Murra Warra creating the launchpad for one of the highest performing wind farms in the southern hemisphere.

Subcontracted to Downer, Civilex will deliver the early works and site compound for Stage 1 of the Murra Warra Wind Farm, with completion due in July 2018.

The Murra Warra Wind Farm in its entirety will consist of 116 wind turbines – at approximately 3.7 MW capacity each – producing enough electricity to power up to 248,000 households in Victoria – that’s the equivalent of Geelong and Ballarat combined – and saving over 1.3 million tonnes of greenhouse gasses per year.

Civilex was awarded the early works of Stage 1 of the Murra Warra Wind Farm project in early 2018 and works commenced shortly afterward. The scope of works includes construction of the site laydown area, a substation area, 600m of internal roads, and a sediment basin. The scale of the early works is impressive:
• Strip topsoil – 157,000m2
• Bulk earthworks – 44,000m3
• Pavement construction – 43,000m2
• Stormwater drainage – 100m

Civilex has worked previously on large renewable energy sector projects, including a joint venture agreement project with WBHO – constructing the Mt Gellibrand Wind Farm Project for Acciona Energy. The 2017 project scope of works included the construction of all civil works associated with the wind farm. View the video progress works of the Mount Gellibrand wind farm here.

The Murra Warra Wind Farm is a world-class project which once constructed will be one of the highest performing wind farms in the southern hemisphere. The project is currently owned by project developer RES Australia and Macquarie Capital.

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Flexing Our Community Muscle in the West

From the outset, Civilex’s core business has always been in the civil construction space. Our company name alone gives that much away. But what may not be so evident from our name is the value we place on giving back to our local community in the west. Civilex partners and deliberately engages with a number of local community organisations in the west to help make a difference in a variety of ways. At its cultural heart, Civilex attracts and engages in purposeful pursuits. And while civil engineering may be its core business, the Civilex leadership team and employees are actively participating and contributing to our civil society.

Civilex has carefully crafted its Corporate Community Program over time to align with its core values. From initially supporting local and grassroots sporting clubs, we now also sponsor and partner with a wide variety of organisations and causes, predominantly located in Melbourne’s west. Some of these organisations, charities, and foundations are tireless in their commitment and effort at making long-lasting, positive change in everyday people’s lives and wellbeing. And this complements our commitment to making a difference where we can: creating awareness, improving social capital and bridging the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

Our Corporate Community Program challenges our community to step up both collectively and as individuals; to be more socially aware and responsible by giving back to diverse local communities. And in turn, giving back enhances our work through building team morale and collaboration outside of the head office, and allows employees to make lasting contributions to others.

Human Resources Manager Olivia Bartolo wholeheartedly embraces the corporate social responsibility model and encourages and challenges our employees to use their current skill-sets – and develop new competencies – outside of their often demanding and busy working roles. Knowing is one thing; taking action is another. Olivia says, “Through this model, we hope our employees embrace opportunities to leverage their skills and experience in other ways and to fully participate in programs that give them the chance to do something truly extraordinary and fulfilling.”

Civilex continues creating opportunities for employee involvement in a number of key community programs in the west. These opportunities include supporting Hobsons Bay Community Fund deliver their community programs and a Foundation Partnership with the Western Bulldogs with an opportunity for our employees to volunteer.

Some of the Civilex team pictured with our friend Mayor Angela Altair at the Hobsons Bay Community Foundation business lunch that helped raise over $45k for the fund.

Hobsons Bay Community Fund (HBCF)
HBCF is a perpetual philanthropic fund established to benefit and strengthen the Hobsons Bay community for today and future generations. The Fund’s aim is to grow to $1 million and provide support to the local community in the form of community initiatives and organisations. Arts, sport, welfare, housing, food, education, recreation, health, disability and the environment are factors impacting all age groups within the municipality.

This year partners and sponsors such as Civilex helped raise almost $29,520 at the 2018 Budget Car & Truck Rental Charity Day that saw 105 keen (and not-so-keen) golfers take part in a fun golfing day. This money will benefit the wide range of community organisations that receive grants from the Community Fund. It was also the first time a perpetual trophy was awarded to the winning team: Steve Bracks, Kelvyn Lavelle, David Huggins and David Parsons. Two women’s teams entered this year, so if you’re keen to sponsor for a perpetual women’s trophy next year get in touch with the organisers.

Civilex also attended the HBCF annual business networking lunch recently. The networking event was a wonderful opportunity to share the Civilex team spirit and gain greater awareness about the amazing initiatives that the HBCF supports and helps deliver to the community.

Snippets of feedback from our staff who attended the lunch:

Frank Freskos
“It is a really great initiative that Civilex supports the local community by hosting a table and also the generous donation made by Civilex. The lunch was a great networking event which allows voices to be heard and brings a greater understanding of the programs that are supported by the HBCF. Was great that we were able to represent the company and share a laugh at the same time.”

Shanil Dissanayake
“A fun afternoon and a great initiative. Thanks for having me.”

Tasos Christodoulou
“Thank you for the invite – a lovely luncheon with great people. It was an honour to be part of the generosity of Civilex’s donation.”

Joe Bartolo
“I am amazed at how many people can put their time aside to be part of and support such a great charity. I was personally touched by the grant offered to the girl who suffered from anxiety and depression at such a young age, and how she was able to help others going through similar circumstances. It makes me so proud to be associated with a community that gives so much back.”

From Hobsons Bay to Western Bulldogs, Civilex continues to support its community of the west.

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Improving Cyclist Safety

The health and economic benefits of cycling are well known and ditching the car to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle and to be kinder to the environment has been heavily promoted across all media channels for some time.

In 2011 a former Lord Mayor stated that Melbourne was becoming “a true cycling city”. But more recently a 2017 article by Crikey published mode share of cycling to work percentages: 40% in Amsterdam, 34% in Utrecht, 24% in Eindhoven, 22% in Rotterdam, and 14% in The Hague. It’s just 2% in Melbourne and even less in Sydney. We still have a long way to go in reaching those international levels of cycling uptake – particularly Amsterdam where cycling occupies a cultural niche for the Dutch.

If there was one way to make cycling a more attractive option for Melburnians, it would be in building better cycling infrastructure. And that’s where Civilex comes in.

Civilex subcontracted to John Holland, is currently undertaking civil infrastructure works on Moray Street, South Melbourne as part of the Metro Tunnel Works. The Herald Sun reported that these works are changing the rules of road engagement for cyclists in the high traffic area. Drivers must now give way to pedestrians and cyclists on newly raised zebra crossings and cycling paths. The new roundabout at Moray and Dorcas Streets is open, while the Coventry Street roundabout will open in the next couple of weeks.

Civilex Project Manager Joe Hickey says, “We’re proud to be involved in this infrastructure upgrade providing cyclists, pedestrians and motorists an alternative route to St Kilda Road during the construction of the new Anzac Station. This is an incredibly busy intersection and the high traffic management required on site makes this a particularly complex project.” As previously published, Civilex is proud to have been involved in transforming Melbourne’s rail network alongside its contract companies.

Road infrastructure upgrades include wider lanes, new rumble strips, and better line markings. A special feature of the new bike paths are the wombat crossings – raised pedestrian crossings where the road ramps up to meet the level of crossing rather than the footpath typically dropping down to meet the road surface via a pram crossing. The key benefit of wombat crossings is that they limit the speed of vehicles using the crossing, thereby providing additional pedestrian – and now cyclists’ – safety.

Find out more about the Victorian State Government’s Metro Rail Tunnel Project and the building of the new Anzac Station.

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Line Up With Us

We’re lining up to help support Jeans For Genes a not for profit organisation with an important cause.

In Australia, 1 in 20 kids faces a birth defect or genetic disease.

We want to help.

And you can jump on board too and assist in speeding up the search for treatments and cures. Every dollar raised on the Civilex-Conset-Grampians fundraising page goes directly to the Children’s Medical Research Institute.

You can also help right now by donating on our page.

Thank you for your generosity.

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An Undergraduate Journey: Where Civil Engineering Theory Meets Reality

In an era where converting years of academic theory into real life skills is priceless, the part an undergraduate placement plays in respect to the millennial student’s university journey is immeasurable. Today – thanks to the range of placement programs on offer – it’s highly unlikely a university student will graduate without any industry experience and exposure under their belt. In the civil engineering industry, Civilex continues its strong relationship with Swinburne University and offers undergraduate placements to civil engineering students, providing endless opportunities to weave their knowledge into gold.

Swinburne University undergraduates Lee Tesaluna and Alex Schmidt have recently completed an undergraduate placement with Civilex. Lee started as a placement student but chose to take time away from his university degree to work full-time with Civilex. He plans to return to Swinburne for his final year in 2019. Meanwhile, Alex has completed his tertiary study and is pleased to have secured a Graduate Engineering role at Civilex starting next year. Unfortunately, we can’t chat with Alex as he’s currently traversing around Europe, aiming to visit as many music festivals as possible!

Lee has just returned from a family visit to New York and caught up with me recently to chat all things civil engineering, and his experience as a Civilex Undergraduate Site Engineer.

Civilex undergraduate civil engineering students

Civilex Undergraduate Civil Engineering Students Alex Schmidt (left) and Lee Tesaluna (right)

Lee’s Journey to Civil Engineering
Lee comes from a family of nurses: his parents are both nurses, and so too are his aunts and uncles on his father’s and mother’s sides of the family. Then there’s Occupational Therapist in the mix too. Growing up, Lee rebelled against this entrenched family discipline and wanted to do something different. Whatever that might be. Inspiration came on a family vacation to New York when he visited another aunt and uncle – who were not nurses – but rather trained as civil engineers working in Toronto.

Lee was just 11 years old when his worldview changed. It came from a simple question – what do you do? “I recall them telling me the work we do makes things happen.” And Lee was hooked. Lee shares that the engineering side of the family spoke about building a bridge in the Philippines. “It wasn’t a special bridge or anything, but they told me it had all the names of the senior engineers inscribed on a plaque attached to that bridge. 11-year old me thought that was just so cool.” In fact, it had such a profound impact that Lee decided he wanted to do that too. And so, the drive to become a civil engineer was born.

That drive was cemented when in Year 10 Lee really stepped out of the medical arena that most of his family were so familiar in. “I took my work experience at a nursing home and quickly realised the nursing profession was definitely not for me,” Lee says. He was just okay at maths, better at physics, but terrible at chemistry. “I was really rebelling against anything nursing related…including chemistry!”

University Life
Lee is currently one year away from graduating with a Bachelor in Engineering (Civil) (Honours) at Swinburne University. He has taken time away from the books to work full time with Civilex after successfully being offered an undergraduate placement with the company and will return to Swinburne in 2019 to complete his degree.

His favourite subjects at university centre around report writing, group projects, and presentations. He also prefers management subjects such as Engineering Management, Civil Engineering Project, and Cost Engineering over the typical theory-heavy subjects such as Structural Mechanics. “Although it’s absolutely necessary to know all the theory, I really prefer talking and working with people and the soft skills that go into the behind-the-scenes tasks of a civil engineer.”

Lee has no regrets about his choice to study civil engineering at Swinburne. “It’s a great program at Swinburne and I feel both supported and challenged. They even helped connect me with Civilex in the first place when I was researching various placement opportunities. Swinburne places a high priority on gaining industry experience, not just good grades.” While Lee is working at Civilex he is also gaining credits towards his civil engineering degree even though he’s not studying during this time.

Lee has relished working at Civilex for the simple fact that it helped put theory into practice. “Once I started with Civilex, I was so relieved. I realised everything I’d studied – all that theory – could be applied outside the classroom; it’s just ten times more detailed in real working life.”

Student Placement Life
Lee had just completed his third year at Swinburne in November 2017 when he commenced his placement at Civilex. Since Lee lives in the western suburbs, he thought the head office location (then in Hoppers Crossing and now in Spotswood) was most convenient. “[It] was absolutely nerve-wracking because it was the first proper adult kind of thing I’d ever applied for! This was what I’d been preparing for my entire life so getting this placement was huge.”

Lee’s undergraduate placement experience has been a positive and beneficial one that has helped shape his future career plans. “I learn so much every day at Civilex. I’m really lucky as I’ve been placed on a variety of projects – one was three hours away from home up in Sale, which has really given me a new perspective of how to manage myself in regards to working, commuting and looking after myself.”

Currently, Lee is on-site at Melbourne Airport involved in Civilex’s Dynamic Signage project. His previous civil engineering placement experience had been at the East Sale RAAF Defence Base and the early works at the HMAS Cerberus Navy Base located at Cribb Point. Both defence projects have involved a stringent security clearance. “I really wanted industry experience and I’ve got it at Civilex. I’m at a point where all my preparation at secondary school and uni has finally come together.”,

Civilex Mentors
As part of his placement journey, Lee was shown the ropes – projects, systems, people – by Project Engineer Ibrahim Demiri, our Global Day of the Engineer and one of Civilex’s young up-and-coming engineers. “Ibrahim busted my pre-conceived notion that I’d be mentored by older, more senior engineers. Here at Civilex, that’s not always the case – many of my mentors are closer to my age and it’s great working alongside my peer group.”

Lee has also been exposed to the more senior management at Civilex including Operations Manager Matt Gurney. “I remember my initial interview with Matt, well it was more of a conversation really, where he asked me why I was interested in doing my placement with Civilex and what particular projects I would like to gain exposure to.” It must have been a good chat because that afternoon Lee was offered a placement.

In Lee’s Spare Time
Lee is big into music and always has been. He started playing music at around 10 years of age and continues to play the keyboard, guitar, drums and he also sings. “Anytime I’m feeling bored, I’ll just pick up my guitar and start strumming. I have written some of my own songs, but I prefer singing covers.”

Lee may have first discovered his passion for civil engineering in New York all those years ago, but it was on his most recent family visit there – when he was asked to perform at his grandparents 50th wedding anniversary – that he let his love of music steal everyone’s hearts. Lee performed two songs for his grandparents: the French song La Vie En Rose and Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon.

Lee – you are a star!

We wish Lee all the very best for both his future with Civilex and completing his civil engineering degree at Swinburne University. And we look forward to catching up with Civilex’s current music festival wanderer Alex upon his return.

Swinburne University is holding its annual Open Day on Sunday 29 July 10am-4pm in Hawthorn. And don’t miss out on Swinburne’s Open Day Highlights by taking the interactive challenge – Are You Engineering Material?

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Giving Back: Becoming Adapters with Western Bulldogs Community Foundation

A previous post this year reported that Civilex had joined the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation (WBCF) – a partnership we are extremely proud of. The WBCF is a committed and engaged community services arm fulfilling a very important role: providing deserving people living in Melbourne’s west and the western region of Victoria with the tools to succeed in life.

As employees of a Western Bulldogs Community Foundation Partner, Civilex staff are encouraged to become “Adaptors” and to volunteer their time and expertise in various WBCF programs on offer. Volunteer Adapters have the privilege of being hands-on in helping deliver an enriching and engaging experience for program participants. Civilex staff recently undertook an induction night to officially become “Adaptors”.

Civilex employees L-R: Debbie Pillay, Lorraine Reilly, Sam Scacco, Lisa Cole, Victoria Eresjo become Round 2 Adapters!

Dimity Gannon, Community Health and Wellbeing Manager, says, “The Adapters induction night is a great opportunity to learn more about each of the three streams of the Community Foundation: Health and Wellbeing, Social Inclusion and Diversity and Youth Leadership. The first half of the night covers the necessary administrative aspects, while the second half is an interactive session allowing Adaptors to experience what each of the streams involves.”

Civilex staff found the interactive session both fun and engaging, interspersed with moments of stepping outside personal comfort zones and realising what so many in our community deal with and manage on a daily basis. It was an opportunity for the community to come together and witness where true strength lies.

The well-known Sons of the West men’s 10-week health and wellbeing program is celebrating its fifth year, and its popularity and success will see Daughters of the West launched next week.

The Leadership Project is a 6-month intensive social leadership program for young people aged 14 – 16 years residing in Victoria’s West. The program supports these emerging leaders and provides them opportunities to build their capacities in leadership, social responsibility, teamwork, communication, goal setting, resilience and civic engagement. Participants have the opportunity to contribute to their local community whilst growing and developing as future leaders. Then there’s attending youth camps too. There’s something for everyone.

Towards the end of the induction evening, current Adapters shared their journey with the group. The heart-warming and reoccurring theme in all of their stories as volunteers was being able to witness the life-affirming impact the programs had on community participants – both young and old. Youth Leadership and Development Manager Adam Moedt says, “The programs are truly life-changing for many program participants and until you meet these people and experience the programs first-hand it is really hard to believe.” Volunteering in the programs provides an opportunity to be part of that positive community impact.

Civilex wishes to thank the Western Bulldogs Football Club and its Community Foundation for the positive change they stand for in our community in the west. If the mid-year Round 2 Adaptors Induction evening was anything to go by, you’ll have a whole team of Civilex Adapters in no time.

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Plant Life at Civilex

As a leading Melbourne-based civil contractor, Civilex invests heavily in its plant. The obvious plant being the usual large, yellow machines used at our various civil project site locations. But what you may not realise also, is that Civilex has invested in the green plant variety at its new head office.

Civilex plant life

The early 2018 head office relocation to Spotswood has provided Civilex employees a workspace others would dream about. Modern yes; natural light-filled yes; open spaces yes; inviting kitchen with breakfast in the pantry yes; a game of pool or table tennis during the workday hell yeah! But if there is one element in particular that leaves our employees more content and our visitor’s turning green with envy it’s our plant life.

Beginning with our amazing garden wall, located at reception, is a green kaleidoscope of plants with attention-grabbing red flowers. At first glance, the garden wall appears fake. The overhead lights reflecting on the leaves and perfectly formed red flowers make it seem all too perfect to be real. But as visitors wait out at reception admiring the greenery, the misconception is soon corrected by the quiet sound of trickling water.

Managing Director Joe Bartolo was hands-on with the design and layout of Civilex’s new head office saying, “At Civilex we place great importance on the wellbeing of our employees and provide them with a working environment that helps to reduce stress, increase productivity, and we wanted to create an office environment that our employees actually enjoy being in.” Being in and around nature can help achieve these outcomes – so not only does Civilex have an impressive live garden wall at reception but plants have been intentionally placed throughout the office including open office and meeting spaces and kitchen and outdoor areas that provide a unique green office environment. Joe adds, “I personally benefit from the design and I believe our employees do too.” Joe is not alone in his views that having plants in a working environment contributes to overall wellbeing.

According to Plant Life Balance website the science behind plants and people is simple: they are a great mix. It seems the greatest benefits of having real plants surrounding us in our homes and our workplaces is twofold: better air quality and wellbeing. Plants remove toxins in the air we breathe as well as create feelings of relaxation, inspiration and positivity. That’s a win-win for employees and employers.

An RMIT study also found that there is little benefit in having just the one plant. The greatest benefit is having many plants of all shapes and sizes. The study found that as the more plants are added or a complete garden “look” is created in the home or workspace, wellbeing increases significantly.

Our office staff couldn’t agree more. Read what some of them say about the benefits they experience through Civilex investing in plant life at the new Spotswood head office:

Victoria Eresjo, Office Administrator: “Our garden wall really stops traffic. Visitors stand there in awe of it when they first enter our head office; some grab their smartphones and take photos of it! I’m lucky as I get to appreciate the garden wall throughout the day and it makes me feel happy.”

Civilex plant life

Civilex head office – a welcoming entrance of plant life.

Nate Rampant Project Manager: “I’m out on site for a lot of the time, but when I’m back at head office it’s such a nice environment to come back to and be in. Eating lunch in the kitchen area with everyone else and the extensive plant life around certainly benefits how I feel. I’m sure it’s the same for my colleagues.”

Civilex plant life

Civilex kitchen area is open, light-filled and green with plant life.

Lorraine Reilly Human Resources Coordinator: “I just love the greenery in our HR office as well as across the entire head office space. It makes feel happy and calm especially in my busy day-to-day role in human resources.”

Civilex plant life

Civilex’s plant wall looks too good to be real, until the sound of trickling water starts.

Kate McAdam Accounts Payable Officer: “Due to the nature of my role in finance, I’m facing a screen for much of my working day but having the green plants surrounding me actually makes me feel good. It’s a lovely sight to have so much greenery in an open-plan office.”

Civilex plant life

Civilex open plan office space is filled with greenery.

At Civilex we not only love what we do, we love where we work.

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Civilex Acquires Grampians Excavations

Melbourne-based Civilex acquires Stawell-based Grampians Excavations. The recent acquisition provides opportunities for both businesses to work within the civil construction industry together in both Melbourne and regional Victoria.

As a company, Grampians Excavations closely aligns with Civilex’s diverse range of infrastructure clients in both the private and government sectors and further complements the myriad of Civilex projects presently delivered. The acquisition provides Civilex immediate access to its large fleet of specialist excavation and earthmoving equipment, and – most importantly – some of the most experienced regional operators in the industry.

Grampians Excavations Founders Jim and Karen Leithhead established the business in the 1990s in Stawell. The acquisition will see the Leithhead family retain 25% shareholding and Jim will continue to manage the day to day business. The Civilex Directors – Joe Bartolo, Ray Dando, and Andrew Fairbairn – alongside Jim, will focus on expanding the company in preparedness for Victoria’s largest infrastructure boom.

Following the acquisition, Grampians Excavations and Soil Yard will be known as Grampians Excavations Pty Ltd, and the change in name will be reflected in a new company logo. Despite these changes, Civilex Managing Director Joe Bartolo says the core business and project operations of Grampians Excavations will remain unchanged.

To read more about the acquisition click on the press release – PR_Grampians Excavations.

Last week, Civilex Directors and key staff traveled to Stawell to meet current Grampians Excavations employees in person and to answer any questions they may have had in regards to the recent acquisition.

Civilex would like to thank the Grampians Excavations team for a great turnout at both the Melbourne and Stawell meetups and we look forward to working together in the near future.

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