Civilex Graduates Tour William Adams CAT

Civilex Engineering Graduates recently visited the impressive William Adams CAT (Caterpillar) Centre in Clayton with Civilex Construction Manager Jen Robertson and enjoyed a tour of the facility where plant is both built and maintained. Graduates also saw the Service Solutions Centre where information from each plant in the field is communicated to the Centre in real time, recording the location of the machinery, gauging any mechanical problems, and monitoring fuel consumption.

Civilex Engineering Graduates tour William Adams CAT L-R: front – Jen Robertson, Sanjay Sarup, Andrew Fuller; back – Mark O’Sullivan, Matthew Martin, Will Jeffers, Patrick Kemp

The (extra!) fun part of the tour was when Graduates each took their turn at operating a Roller, a Posi-Track and a 20-tonne Excavator. Interestingly, this particular excavator was fitted with new technology making it semi-automated and giving it the ability to track productivity.

Sanjay, Civilex Engineering Graduate
“The tour was great. It provided a good insight into William Adams’ relationship with Civilex and all the Graduates appreciated the high-value experience.”

The highlight! Engineering Graduate Sanjay in the driver’s seat of this 20-tonne excavator.

The Civilex Graduate’s tour included:
– An overview of the CAT facility and its growing capabilities including fluid testing, mechanical repairs and body works
– A demonstration and hands-on testing of plant – Excavator, Roller and Posi-Track
– An insight into the data analysis Caterpillar provides to Civilex for productivity tracking – fuel usage, maintenance, faults and operating characteristics/metrics
– A tour around the facility to understand the range of plant and equipment available for use on-site
– An overview of the technology CAT is implementing new machinery and how it can be used on Civilex sites (primarily automation and GPS).

Our thanks to William Adams CAT for providing our Graduates with the opportunity to better understand and experience the world of construction plant and equipment and witness the rapidly expanding future of technology in our industry.

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Contributing to the transformation of Melbourne’s Rail Network

The $10.9B Metro Tunnel Project is one of the largest public infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Australia. The project will build a new tunnel beneath the city centre, freeing up much-needed space in the City Loop, and allowing more trains to run in and out of the city. Civilex is proud of its ongoing contribution in transforming Melbourne’s rail network.

Upon completion in 2026 the Metro Tunnel Project will have created space for more trains to travel more often across Melbourne’s rail network, increasing capacity for an additional 39,000 passengers during peak periods, reducing road congestion and paving the way for future expansions of Melbourne’s public transport network.

The twin-9km rail tunnels are being built between South Kensington and South Yarra stations, and include the construction of five new underground stations. Once complete, the tunnels will connect the Pakenham and Cranbourne lines with the Sunbury line and will allow commuters to the CBD to bypass both Flinders Street station and the City Loop.

The new infrastructure will be an international-standard metro system boosting the capacity of the existing rail network, and supporting Melbourne’s population growth to 6 million in 2031, and 7.8 million in 2051.

Last year Civilex was awarded the High Capacity Metro Trains Project (HCMT) by Downer Group. Civilex is proud to continue their work in this arena, contracted to John Holland to complete Metro Tunnel Early Works.

Here’s an overview of Civilex’s civil construction involvement on the Metro Tunnel Project to date:

High Capacity Metro Train (HCMT) Maintenance Facility

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews congratulates Civilex Director Andrew Fairbairn on being awarded the Pakenham Depot Project contract.

The contract for the construction of the new High Capacity Metro Train facility was awarded to Civilex by the Downer Group in April 2017. The Civilex team delivered bulk-earthworks, internal roads and drainage on the 118-hectare parcel of land in Pakenham East. The completed depot includes maintenance facilities, a stabling yard and a driver-training simulator for the new fleet of high-capacity metro trains that will transform Melbourne’s public transport system. Read more from Downer’s latest news.

Special features of the project:
• Complex project management
• Road over rail grade separated crossing
• Design management including consultancy
• Coordination special subgrade remediation
• Excavation greater than 5m in cut.

Transmission Tower Civil Works

Civilex first joined the colossal Metro Tunnel project in May 2017. Engaged by John Holland to deliver the Transmission Tower Civil Works – as part of the Early Works Package – Civilex completed the relocation of four transmission towers within a tight timeframe to enable the main tunnelling works to commence on the Western Tunnel entrance. Civilex delivered the works in a safe, effective and efficient manner, meeting John Holland’s main objectives and operational constraints, including providing third-party rail supervision.

Special features of the project:
• Complex staging and methodology for a soil nail wall
• Working within a live traffic environment
• Managing five sites concurrently
• Tight timeframe.

CBD North Civil Works

In November 2017 Civilex were again engaged by John Holland to continue works on the Early Works Package, delivering the CBD North Civil Works. This package includes road and signal modifications in Latrobe Street (King to Exhibition Streets), Victoria Street (Leicester to Latrobe Streets) and the Elizabeth-Therry Street intersection, in a live traffic environment.

Special features of the project:
• Live traffic environment in Melbourne’s CBD
• Tight timeframe
• Complex traffic, pedestrian and cyclist management
• Complex and extensive staging.

Moray Street Bicycle Lanes

Civilex is thrilled to have been recently awarded the subcontract by John Holland to improve cyclist safety as part of the Metro Tunnel Early Works. The project involves upgrading Moray Street from South Melbourne to the CBD. The new bike path will provide cyclists with a safe and reliable alternative north-south route during the Metro Tunnel works taking place on St Kilda Road.

Civilex looks forward to improving cyclist safety by adding bike lanes along Moray Street, including increased kerb and channel, pavement and line marking works.

Civilex is proud to be contributing to the civil construction works that are transforming Melbourne’s rail network.

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Networking with Roads Australia

Civilex attended Roads Australia’s Industry Luncheon on Friday 18 May and caught up with luncheon guest speaker Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas who has recently handed down the 2018/19 State budget. It was an opportunity to network with Roads Australia CEO Ian Webb and President David Stuart-Watt, other industry members and corporate guests and hear first-hand Tim Pallas’ overview of the infrastructure commitments and general health of the economy.

L-R: Ian Webb Roads Australia Chairman, David Stuart-Watt Roads Australia President, Tim Pallas MP Treasurer of Victoria, Joe Bartolo Civilex Managing Director

Roads Australia is a not-for-profit, non-political industry association that presents views of stakeholders to the government and the community. Its members are drawn from all corners of the Australian road sector who all hold a strong commitment to the wellbeing of Australia’s road transport network.

With 130 members, Roads Australia is a perfect forum for members to come together as equals and work towards practical outcomes and policy solutions that deliver safe, cost-efficient roads and road transport solutions for Australians.

Civilex is proud to continue its membership with Roads Australia and support the ongoing commitment to Australia’s road transport network.

Photos courtesy of Roads Australia website.

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Acknowledging Safety at Civilex

The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, subcontractors and the communities in which we work are integral to the way we operate. It’s a core value of the Civilex business. Safety above all else drives the behaviours that underpin our positive safety culture of “no harm”. We live by our mantra – safe today to enjoy tomorrow – reinforcing the importance of safety, ensuring all employees return home safe and sound to their family and friends. At Civilex, we encourage employees to speak about safety, identify unsafe practices or actions, inspire others to do the right thing and maintain safe working environments.

We are proud to acknowledge the outstanding safety actions of Civilex team members and share the choices made and extra steps taken that ultimately resulted in positive outcomes. Civilex would like to share two recent examples of proactive choices made by site staff to intervene and uphold company values and highlight the importance of being safe all of the time.

For their initiative and leadership, the Civilex Excellence in Safety Award for April 2018 is awarded to Darren Quinlan and Trent Delbridge.

Darren Quinlan
Civilex General Supervisor – Toyota Test Track Project
Darren displayed safety leadership, which is also reflective of the project team’s safety culture. Darren identified an at-risk safety scenario when a transport company attempted to unload a large stack of steel reinforcement without suitable safety controls in place. The methodology proposed by the delivery driver presented a fall from height risk (unavailability of fall protection or handrails, dunnage separating the stack to apply lifting equipment from a safe level or pre-slung sections). As a result, Darren requested the delivery driver to return to the site when appropriate safety controls were in place.

L-R: Darren Quinlan, Joe Glenn, Stuart Smart, Billy Dando, Alex Schmidt

Trent Delbridge
Civilex Labourer – Melbourne Airport Parking and Forecourt Optimisation Project
Trent exhibited several Civilex company values when he intervened as two subcontracted site workers prepared to climb on top of a ute tray. The workers’ intent was to use the tray as a platform to complete an installation of a steel 2.5m long overhead height bar. Trent advised that this method presented a fall from height risk and that there was more suitable equipment available to complete the task in the compound. He then assisted them to complete their works safely.

L-R: Scott Macur and Trent Delbridge

Coincidentally the common theme in both safety incidents was a fall from height risk, and it was through the initiatives of Darren and Trent that prevented potential risk of serious injury.

We commend and acknowledge our high safety achievers for their contributions and recognise that the challenge always is to raise the bar in regards to safety at all times.

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Civilex Partners with Western Bulldogs Community Foundation

The Western Bulldogs may be most known as an Aussie Rules football team, but beyond the field, membership numbers and gate receipts there is a committed and engaged community services arm fulfilling on a very important community mission. The Western Bulldogs Community Foundation (WBCF) seeks to fulfil on its mission to provide people living in our backyard, the western suburbs of Melbourne and the western region of Victoria, with the tools to succeed in life.

The WBCF mission: to be the community where people are at their best.

The Community Foundation Background
SpiritWest Foundation Limited, trading as the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation, was incorporated on 27 September 2012. Since the date of incorporation until 2015 the Foundation remained dormant. It is registered as a PBI (Public Benevolent Institution) with DGR (Deductible Gifts Recipient) status and has its own Board. The year ended 31 October 2016 was the first full year in which the Foundation ran its own programs.

The Foundation works in partnership with government, corporate and community agencies to deliver services and programs that endeavour to improve social capital and the quality of life of people living in the Melbourne’s west through to regional western Victoria.

The Western Bulldogs have a long and proud history as the Community Club of the AFL; delivering community programs with real outcomes.

The Club is central to the community of Victoria’s west, and the Foundation plays a pivotal role in helping people reach their full potential and ensuring they’re accepted regardless of their gender, race or faith. The key is their celebration of diversity as an integral part of a united and cohesive community with the aim to engage with multicultural, indigenous and all abilities communities via innovative programs.

The Foundation works closely with the Club and utilises the Bulldogs’ brand as a platform to engage a wide range of participants and positively influence their lives. The Foundation delivers innovative and engaging community services for individuals and families who live and work in the west.

Like the players that take to the field, the west community is courageous, strong and resilient, but for some, support is needed to guide and empower them in finding the strength they need to face some of life’s challenges and to overcome fear and doubt. There is more detailed information available on the Foundation website.

Civilex Becomes a Foundation Partner

On Tuesday 8 May, the WBCF held its second annual Foundation dinner at Metropolis Events, Southbank. Alongside key guests Bob Murphy, recently elected Community Foundation board member, Easton Wood, Lin Jong, Josh Dunkley and Jason Johannisen, the WBCF dinner showcased the positive impact their programs are having in the western region of Victoria.

Civilex attended the Foundation dinner where our Foundation partnership was officially announced to the audience and in front of Civilex attendees Joe Bartolo, Olivia Bartolo, Lisa Cole, Matthew Gurney, Lorraine Reilly, Ben Gargiulo, Jen Robertson, TJ Delbridge, Simon Gennari and Ken Poutakidis.

Through this community partnership, Civilex looks forward to working closely and collaboratively with the WBCF which will help support programs assisting people living in the West of Melbourne and Victoria as well as meeting our corporate social responsibility goals. All funds received by the Foundation are spent on dedicated community programs that make a real difference to people’s lives.

The WBCF works with the community for the community and delivers services to over 5,000 people across four streams annually. The community programs currently offered by the Foundation include:

Health and Wellbeing
Diversity and Social Inclusion
Youth Leadership and Development, and
Community Advocacy.

Details about each stream can be found on the WBCF website.

And if there was anything that inspired us on the night it was the celebration of community and borrowing directly from the Western Bulldogs themselves – where real strength lives!

TJ, Superintendent
I came away from the dinner really impressed with the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation and the Club itself. It really does care about its community and engaging with its community at all levels. The Youth Leadership program would have to be my favourite program because when I was younger I was involved in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Leadership Program and believe I wouldn’t be where I am today without the skills this type of program instilled in me.

Another remarkable attribute is the engagement with new migrants. This is such an integral part of today’s society being a multicultural nation and any type of integration for migrants into our country and society should be commended.

Ben, Superintendent
It was a great night. The inspirational story from Phil was very uplifting. For Phil to share his journey with us all last night and how his will to survive and still contribute to his community which happened due to the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation program is a real credit to all the people involved.

Jen, Construction Manager
The highlights for me attending the Western Bulldogs Foundation Dinner was:
1. Bob Murphy
2. Bob Murphy
3. Bob Murphy!!!

No but really…it was inspiring to see how the Community Foundation is devoted to supporting the community in the west. I loved how both the organisers and the participants from each area of the various programs spoke and shared their work. It gave us all a well-rounded view of what each program aims to achieve and the actual impact it was making. I loved how the Leadership Program focuses on social leadership and that participants go on to develop their own social fundraising and support programs.

Photo credit Liz Vagg

Thank you WBCF for a wonderful night and welcoming Civilex as a Foundation Partner in 2018.

WBCF Links:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Shining Our Light – Working and Walking for Road Safety

Civilex Improves Road Safety
Civilex continues its civil construction work on improving road infrastructure on one of Victoria’s most dangerous rural roads – an 11km stretch of the Melbourne-Lancefield Road just outside of Romsey. According to VicRoads’ research people driving on country roads are four times more likely to be killed than those in metropolitan areas, with nearly half of all road deaths in Victoria occurring on 100 and 110km/h roads. Almost a quarter of serious injuries occur on high-speed rural roads, mainly due to drivers driving off the road or hitting other vehicles head-on.

Transport Accident Commission Lead Director of Road Safety Samantha Cockfield says, “We all have a role to play to reach our goal of zero deaths or serious injuries on our roads and while we are making progress with Towards Zero there is still a long way to go.” Civilex is proud to be working in partnership on Towards Zero initiative in making the Melbourne-Lancefield Road safer while also taking time to join the RTSSV organisation and community who are committed to walking 5km and to shine a light on road safety.

Although the construction works are about 70km north of the community walk at Albert Park Lake, Civilex was proud to sponsor The Road Trauma Support Services Victoria (RTSSV) 2018 campaign Shine A Light on Road Safety. The fifth annual Shine a Light on Road Safety campaign achieved extraordinary visibility and reached over a million Victorians.

RTSSV Community Walk
On Sunday 6 May hundreds of people walked together around Albert Park to honour those impacted by road trauma and advocate for road safety. Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer led the walk. He was joined by Minister Luke Donnellan and members of Victoria Police, the Transport Accident Commission, VicRoads, SES, MFB, Ambulance Victoria and CFA and hundreds of Victorians whose lives have been changed by road trauma.

“It was wonderful to see so many people connecting and supporting each other through this terrific community-led campaign,” said CEO of RTSSV Cameron Sinclair.

The Shine a Light on Road Safety campaign was part of National Road Safety Week 30 April – 6 May 2018 and during the week landmarks across Australia were illuminated in yellow for road safety.

On Friday 4 May Victorian motorists turned on their headlights a simple, free and highly visible gesture to remember those impacted by road trauma and show commitment to road safety. The campaign reached well over a million Victorians thanks to the support of the Victorian Government, TAC, Victoria Police, VicRoads, community groups and corporate Australia.

The Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan said, “Road trauma has a devastating effect on thousands of Victorians every year and nobody deserves to lose their life on our roads.” RTSSV was founded in 1994 by a small group of people whose lives had been directly impacted by road trauma. RTSSV was first set up to provide specialist services and support to people suffering due to injury or loss of a loved one on Victoria’s roads. Today, the not-for-profit RTSSV organisation has grown to offer state-wide counselling, support and education services to any Victorian affected by road trauma.

This year Civilex Victoria not only sponsored RTSSV’s annual campaign – “Turn your headlights on Friday 4 May” and a community walk on Sunday 6 May – but Civilex staff participated in it.

Walk Participant’s Experience
Civilex employees and their family and friends participated in the walk on Sunday. Here’s why the Civilex employees joined in:

Sam, a Leading Hand at Civilex, participated in the community walk with his wife Helen. “We did the walk as victims of road trauma and as survivors of a near-fatal collision back in 2006. I personally know the effects of PTSD as I was the driver the day of our accident. To walk away from that accident with minor injuries – along with my family – was a relief. Today it was great to come out and support others impacted by road trauma and be part of Team Civilex sponsoring the campaign. We enjoyed the day as well as the company of those supporting the event.”

Civilex Marketing and Communications Manager Lisa attended the walk at Albert Park Lake with her family. “I attended the Shine A Light on Road Safety community walk with my husband and teenage daughters because I currently have two Learner drivers just beginning their journey of being behind the wheel, and already they have experienced incidents on the road that have made them feel uncomfortable and nervous. I want them to know that it’s okay to drive slower than what a speed limit sign says and not take unnecessary risks on the roads for their own safety as well as the safety of other drivers.”

Michael works at Civilex in the role as OH&S Coordinator and joined the walk with his family. “Whether it’s a family member, a friend or a work colleague, most of us have felt the unfortunate impact of road trauma. My four family members and I took part in the RTSSV Shine A Light on Road Safety community walk because anything that helps positively influence driver attitudes and behaviours will reduce the number of people affected by road tragedies.”

David is a Surveyor at Civilex who participated in the walk with his wife and two children. “Earlier this year my primary schoolmate from home in Fiji lost his life while driving in the early hours. Police said Mr Singh was a victim of fatigue while driving long hours at night – he didn’t have enough rest which led to a head-on collision with a bus.

The biggest lesson I learnt from his accident is that road safety is everyone’s responsibility. We have to recognise the signs of fatigue, and when in doubt we should always safely pull over and take a 15-minute power nap.”

Victoria works as the Office Administrator at Civilex and brought her partner along to the walk. “When I first decided to join the walk, it was to help raise awareness around road safety – mostly for my colleagues working alongside roads.

But after considering the cause further it suddenly became much more personal to me. 20 years ago my mother came into my room with tears in her eyes and told me my friend Daniel had been involved in a car accident. He had lost control of his vehicle on an icy country road after enjoying a couple of beers. With his best friend in the passenger seat, Daniel’s car skidded straight into a tree and both were killed. At Daniel’s funeral, his younger brother looked down into the grave, crying and shouting for his big brother to come back.

I don’t wish this pain on anyone. No one should have to lose a loved one and constantly be thinking: what if we did something different? What if they had waited 10 minutes for someone else to drive them? What if they hadn’t consumed those few mid-strength beers? Would his reactions have saved them? What if they had hurt someone else?

For me, alcohol and driving do not go together.”

The Shine A Light On Road Safety campaign is supported by the Victorian Government, the TAC, VicRoads and Victoria Police. More information about VicRoads Towards Zero Strategy and Plan.

If the content of this article causes you or someone you know any distress, please contact RTSSV direct on 1300 367 797 for free counselling and support.

RTSSV Links:
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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